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Lebanon. The poetry of a beautiful but tormented land

Culture / Marco Casareto

For millennia a crucial commercial and cultural trading-post between East and West, the small Land of the Cedars is a heady concentrate of natural beauty and archaeological treasures. With its armed conflicts behind it, the interaction between Mediterranean and Arab traditions has now returned to showing its most positive aspects. Including its culinary arts.

Moldova: the Sun illuminates the Earth

Culture / Michele Sechi Gatta

The country exploits solar energy to the full, and within the Universal Exposition intends to encourage intelligent and sustainable use of this energy. Respect for the environment and a combination of tastiness and tradition, Moldova makes good use of the fruits of the earth and exports much of its excellent produce.

Illustrious diets: What you don’t know about philosophers’ tastes

Culture / Cinzia Figus

A study on the food preferences of some of the most famous philosophers such as Diogenes, Rousseau and Kant, brings to light the vices and theories on food of these great thinkers, who often preferred to dine on fresh fruits, berries and raw meat, choosing a very simple diet that sometimes was at odds with the complex theories they worked on in between meals.

February 2, 1926. Luigi Veronelli: singing the praises of wine and the land

Culture / Edgar H. Meyer

Connoisseur of good wine and food, chef, journalist, writer and publisher, Luigi Veronelli was the forerunner of common expressions and points of view that have become part of household conversations. He led bitter battles to safeguard diversity in agriculture and food production and played a key part in the widespread promotion of Italian food and wine.

Designer wineries. Architecture that defines temples of wine

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

When the Italian wine tradition marries with aesthetics, the most prestigious architectural firms are challenged to design real temples of wine; the starchitects are building icons of taste.

Ten scientific secrets of a New Year menu

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The dinner you do not expect: a journey of discovery through the science of a New Year menu.

Tasty treasures from the mountains: from ice wines to yak butter

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

December 11 is International Mountain Day, as proclaimed by the United Nations. Expo 2015 gives us the opportunity to rediscover food of the mountains around the world. With wit, a love of nature, respect for tradition, and often at the cost of great efforts.

Oscar Farinetti. Food scarcity? It’s just myth. In fact, there is too much food.

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Food scarcity? It’s just myth. In fact, there is too much food. To get out of the crisis, Italy has to rely on the winds of change. Entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti says he’s looking forward to Expo Milano 2015 and gives a preview of what to expect at Eataly’s space at the Universal Exposition in Milan.

The taste sensation: a team effort, thanks to your nose and brain

Taste / Cinzia Figus

Eating is a multi-sensory experience with 80 percent of the sensors in question originating in the nose. So claims Lawrence D. Rosenblum, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside who says that the feeling of satiation we experience while enjoying a particular food is not due only to our taste buds, but is the work of a specialist team, all of our five senses, managed by our brain.

In Pantelleria farmers are heroes: the head-trained bush vine is World Heritage

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri

The General Assembly of UNESCO has entered the agricultural practice of the head-trained bush vine of Pantelleria as part of its Intangible Heritage. It is the first time that this high international body attributes this recognition to an agricultural practice, recognizing its historical value and identity.

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