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October 16, FAO World Food Day. The new video on the children of Lesotho

Economy / Stefano Carnazzi

The video for this year, dedicated to World Food Day, explores the theme of social protection and how it can help eradicate hunger and poverty by 2030. The video focuses on the Lesotho Child Cash Grant program, put in place by the government and developed together with several partners. With the contribution to agriculture, the FAO is helping the poorest families in the country to improve productivity in the fields and their food situation.

Roberto Masi. The Future Factor, a seed worth growing

Economy / Emanuela Taverna

Twenty contracts from three to five years for twenty farmers under-40. This is the commitment made by McDonald’s Italia at Expo Milano 2015 and signed with the approval of Minister Martina.

Carlo Purassanta. More information means more awareness, for those who produce and for those who consume

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

Technology will enable higher quality and more sustainability in production, thanks especially to the Internet of Things. So says the CEO of Microsoft Italia, the multinational company which in Expo Milano 2015 has ‘accelerated’ ten start-up companies and involved 100 innovators in focusing on the issues treated in the Milan Charter.

Samantha Cristoforetti. “Expo Milano 2015 is a fascinating, wonderful and enjoyable place to visit”

Innovation / Giorgio Zerbinati

During her first visit to Expo Milano 2015, on Tuesday October 6, Captain Samantha Cristoforetti expressed her huge satisfaction at the success of the Universal Exposition, of which she is also an official Ambassador.

Francesco Ardito. Last Minute Sotto Casa, the practical start-pp for avoiding food waste

Innovation / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

A concrete solution to combat food waste, Last Minute Sotto Casa, the start-up created by Francesco Ardito, is designed to interact with merchants who don’t want to throw away food that is still fresh.

Cristina D'Avena. “I always tell my fans that solidarity is vital”

Lifestyle / Redazione Expo 2015

MSC Cruises (Official Cruise Carrier of Expo Milano 2015) was determined to have Cristina D’Avena sing to celebrate its commitment to children. This major Cruise Line was also celebrating reaching the milestone of four million Euros donated to Unicef.

Claudio Descalzi. The force of integration and cooperation in Africa

Sustainability / Simone Molteni

The CEO of the ENI energy giant explains in this interview the value of the company’s work in Africa. He underlines that “anyone playing an important role in this continent must think not only of taking, but also of giving. That way, growth happens more quickly. ENI’s contribution has been to find gas for using in a domestic context: is it strategically crucial to invest the country’s resources within the country too.”

Leyla Khalil. Food speaks all languages

Culture / Silvia Passini

Leyla Khalil is a young Italian-Lebanese writer and the winner of the X edition of the Slow Food Special Award that rewards stories inspired by food and its production. The award is part of the National Literary Contest, Lingua Madre (Mother Tongue), the first one to be specifically dedicated to foreign women residing in Italy who, by using their new language, wish to deepen the relationship from identity to roots with their countries through writing.

Giovanni Visci. Feeding the mind and the heart: nutrition for growth

Lifestyle / Silvia Passini

At Expo Milano 2015 the pediatrician and child psychiatrist moderated the conference entitled "Feeding the mind and the heart", aimed at raising awareness and provide training for professionals working with children and young people on the fundamental role that nutrition plays in our growth and development. In this interview he explains why food is important in terms of both psycho-emotional and social well-being, and how to pass on the message to children that food isn't just nourishment for the body, but also for the soul, and for the heart.

Pietro Leemann. Resolving problems by eating. Vegetarian

Sustainability / Simone Molteni - Silvia Passini

The Vegetarian Chance is a concept created by Pietro Leemann and Gabriele Eschenazi… an initiative involving competitions and study days focused on vegetarian gastronomic culture, to award and reward the best chefs in this field, which took place in Expo Milano 2015 on September 15.

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