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Tommaso Perrone

Environmental journalist, he was born to be a blogger. He graduated in International Relations from the University of Milan. His studies and the work led him to closely follow all developments relating to climate change. He considers global warming the greatest threat that humanity must face in order to begin to build a more just world. For Exponet of Expo Milano 2015, he is concerned with sustainability and the economy.
Tommaso Perrone

Tropical forests suffer with increased food exports

Sustainability / Tommaso Perrone
Carne e soia

A third of deforestation in tropical countries is caused by the production and export of beef, soybeans, palm oil and timber products: all data that should prompt us to think about what kind of diet we should follow to reduce our environmental impact.

Hungary. Water: thirst-quenching, flowing and germinating

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

October 23 is Hungary’s National Day in Expo Milano 2015. This Eastern European country has chosen to base its participation on an extremely simple, common and fundamental element: water.

Yemen. On the Arabian Peninsula, home of one of the world’s best coffees

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Yemen celebrates its National Day on October 14, aiming to show visitors what links the country with coffee, and its ambitions for the future.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Discovering the Sovereign of all medical plants

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Monday October 5 is the National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Expo Milano 2015. A country of mountains, forests and ginseng. Its curative plant will be the enlivening force of the party, despite its respectable age… a friend of mankind for five thousand years.

Vanuatu. The archipelago of happiness, thanks to a sustainable style of life

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

The Vanuatu Archipelago smiles. Numerous entities have awarded the country the label of the happiest country in the world, thanks to the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants and the beauty of its landscapes. The best opportunity to find out more? Come to its National Day in Expo Milano 2015!

São Tomé and Principe. Creating harmony between mankind and nature

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

São Tomé and Principe celebrates its National Day in Expo Milano 2015 on September 27. A day to focus on the participatory theme of a small archipelago state which is proud to offer an example of how mankind and natural biodiversity can live together in harmony.

Turkey. From East to West, a melting pot of cultures striving for sustainable food

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Turkey is a bridge uniting different cultures and traditions, which are using technology and innovation to help beat the challenge to feed everyone sustainably. Its national holiday at Expo Milano 2015 is on September 14.

Somalia. Where the Horn of Africa is perfumed with incense

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Somalia shows off its best side on its National Day in Expo Milano 2015 on September 3, with the perfumes of incense, tropical flavors and a thirst for hope.

Côte d'Ivoire. A land rich in pineapples, cashew nuts, bananas, coffee and producer of much of the world's cocoa

Culture / Tommaso Perrone
Costa Avorio - foto

The Côte d'Ivoire is the world’s biggest cocoa exporter. The celebrations of its National Day at Expo Milano 2015 will offer a special opportunity to discover, appreciate and taste the many products derived from this plant.

Myanmar. A key chapter in the millennial history of rice

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Myanmar’s history is inseparable from that of one of the world’s most important cereals: rice. On July 31 the country’s National Day will be celebrated at Expo Milano 2015, offering an excellent opportunity to discover more about the developments and innovations in rice cultivation which this great rice specialist has to offer.

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