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Food and lifestyle. How new trends such as home production and the quest for excellence define who we are

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

Respect for the Earth and rediscovering quality foods. These are some of the new habits identified and explored during the Universal Exhibition in Milan and which point to a growing awareness of the Earth among people.

Marcello Gelormini and Sérgio Adriano Maló. Street food is the new way to eat in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Bhajias, bean and corn fritters eaten with white bread, maheu, a cornflour drink sweetened with sugar and buns with hamburgers and fried egg. A journey through the best-loved street foods in Mozambique.

The food truck revolution at Expo Milano 2015: 10 street foods you have to try

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Street food is the heart of every culinary culture. The most famous street foods in Italy are pizza, cuoppo from Naples and arancine from Sicily, but at Expo Milano 2015 you can also find Laotian rice on a stick and takeaway ramen.

Street food the world over. From Japan to Peru, the mouthwatering tour is signed by Slow Food

Lifestyle / Sara Zavagno - Slow Food

Okonomiyaki, chicha morada, crepes, tortillas and choripán. There are countless varieties of street food in the world, although they all share some common characteristics. Street food is cheap, quick to cook, but above all, “zero miles”. Imagining that we are crossing oceans and mountain chains, Slow Food takes us to meet the best products of local cuisine served in the squares and market places of the world.

Street food in Italy. From Venice to Palermo, the mouth-watering tour is signed by Slow Food

Lifestyle / Slow Food

Pani ca’meusa or with lampredotto, folpi, piadine, fried stuffed olives Ascolana style or fried pizza. Italy has a wealth of street foods which offer great quality and taste, while being affordable and sustainable. There is nothing better than stopping off at a stand to eat a traditional dish for just a few euros. Slow Food proposes an enticing tour of Italian street food in true “slow” style.

Stefano Marras. Street food in future will be high quality, organic and zero kilometer

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

This is the forecast offered by Stefano Marras, research fellow of the Department of Economics and Sociology at the University of Milan-Bicocca, who was commissioned by his University and by Expo Milano 2015 to carry out a research project in order to supply the Universal Exposition with high quality research information on this growing food trend.

Michele Crippa. Young people and street food: jobs for the future

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Italy has a long tradition in street food, which ranges from arrosticini to fried pizza, from the fish cuoppo to the piadina flatbread. Michele Crippa, who teaches history of Italian cuisine at Alma cooking school and is co-founder of Gastronomist, tells us how U.S.-style food trucks have brought new life to Italian street food and created exciting new job opportunities for young people.

Worldwide, over 1,000 species of insects are eaten. We tell you where and how

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi

Not in large quantities, and not usually as the main course, but people have been eating insects for a long time. For subsistence (hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa and the Amazon), because they are traditionally considered a delicacy (as with cricket snacks in Thailand or Mexican mezcal with a worm in it) or, as happens to most westerners, without even realizing they are eating them (up to about 10 ounces a year), in preserved tomato products and organic vegetables.

Rice burger: street food Japanese style

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Rice is the staple food of the Japanese diet. The rice burger, with two rice cakes instead of bread, is the latest street food innovation. At the Pavilion of Japan there are three types of rice burger to try: sliced beef with teriyaki sauce, chicken and prawn tempura.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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