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Stefano Carnazzi

Editor in chief for, he has been the promoter of Gaia and collaborated with Quark and Focus. In the year 2000 he was fortunate enough to stumble upon the a pamphlet on food pollution, “Quattro sberle in padella” (Four Slaps in the Pan), he followed with six other books; the latest of which is titled “100 domande sul cibo” (100 Questions on Food). To answer even just some of these questions, he  contributes to  this site for Expo Milano 2015.
Stefano Carnazzi

Alien species and Tropicalization of the Mediterranean

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
specie aliene mediterraneo

With the increase in the average temperature of water due to climate change in recent decades, there has been an increased amount of tropical species found in the Mediterranean. They are coming from the African coast of the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar and from the Red Sea by way of the Suez Canal.

The Three Enemies of Public Water

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
tre nemici pubblici acqua

Exploited through agricultural abuse, imprisoned by dams, sullied by pollution; this describes the water situation on our planet according to a large multidisciplinary study of UNEP. There are three critical areas: agriculture, energy, pollution.

What is biodynamic agriculture?

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
agricoltura biodinamica

Biodynamic agriculture, founded by Rudolf Steiner, considers the earth, humans, animals and plants all as integral parts of the cosmos, sensitive to its rules and its influences. It is proposed to enrich the vitality of the land, giving man the best form of nourishment.

Tasty, nutritious and adaptable to climate change. Algae: the vegetables of the future.

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
alghe verdure futuro mare

Algae inhabit an underwater world that is still partially unknown, especially in the West. But drawing from food traditions in Asia and the most recent scientific research, evidence is emerging that these vegetables from the sea will play an important part in our diet of the future.

Tristram Stuart, the Cambridge historian who lives off leftovers. By choice.

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
tristram stuart

Si definisce “freegan” un giovane accademico che ha studiato il tema degli sprechi alimentari, mettendo in pratica le sue teorie con un metodo coraggioso e inusuale. Di persona.

Tea, Licorice & Vanilla. Scent and Sensuality

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi
Tè, liquerizia, vaniglia: il profumo della sensualità in Expo Milano 2015

Well before interest from scientists, smell is a sense that triggered the art of the greatest writers.

Fruit and Vegetables Intake should be doubled. The Role of the Market, of Expo Milano 2015, and of Women

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi
raddoppiare consumo frutta verdura

The recommended daily allowance of fresh fruits and vegetables should be doubled for the sake of public health, to counter the most common and frequent diseases of modern society. At events such as Expo 2015, chefs and women serve as role models for raising awareness around this question.

Methanol wine - We learned our lesson

Economy / Stefano Carnazzi
vino al metanolo

There is a news story that provides a lesson for both Italy and the World. A scandal in the 1980’s inflicted a serious blow to the export of Italian wines. However thanks to a strong reaction, not by the politicians, but by the wine producers, the blow was not a fatal one due to quickly finding an alternative way to produce their wine respecting the environment, quality and traditions.

Wine as a medicine in folk wisdom

Culture / Stefano Carnazzi
vino saggezza popolare

With the ability to find a common ground between Hippocrates and Galen, the delicious and intoxicating grape drink has carved out a prominent place in the history of healing.

10 supermarket strategies to get us to buy a little more

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi
10 stratagemmi dei supermarket per farci comprare qualcosa in più

There is nothing wrong with encouraging customers to buy, making them feel at ease. It is a natural law of commerce. The important thing is: buyer beware.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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