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Stefano Carnazzi

Editor in chief for, he has been the promoter of Gaia and collaborated with Quark and Focus. In the year 2000 he was fortunate enough to stumble upon the a pamphlet on food pollution, “Quattro sberle in padella” (Four Slaps in the Pan), he followed with six other books; the latest of which is titled “100 domande sul cibo” (100 Questions on Food). To answer even just some of these questions, he  contributes to  this site for Expo Milano 2015.
Stefano Carnazzi

Mirna Cunningham. Where there are indigenous people, there is no hunger

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
Mirna Cunningham

Activist for women's rights and the indigenous people in Nicaragua, she was the first Misikita woman to graduate in medicine and the first to receive a doctorate from the National University of Mexico. After years at the top of the UN Permanent Forum she has served as the head of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

All the smiles, faces, colors, and flavors of Expo Milano 2015, with Canon

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi

A smile is a universal gesture, enjoying a meal with others is another. The extraordinary variety of people that you can meet at Expo Milano 2015, where the world comes together, shows that "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is a message that is capable of not only arousing deep reflection, but also a lot of curiosity and joy.

April 22, Earth Day. An American event that's gone global

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi
Gaylord Nelson

Why are we celebrating the Earth today? Why are concerts, conferences and events being held around the world to celebrate the importance of respecting the ecological balance? It all started during the era of Kennedy, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. This date marking an event organized in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson is now an occasion for reflection.

Celebrating cherry blossom: Japan teaches us the joy of hanami

Culture / Stefano Carnazzi

A ritual that has ancient roots, hanami broadcasts a message of contemplation and joy, with huge numbers gathering to witness the spring flowers, with a picnic in city parks or parties in private gardens.

The world of honey

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi
il mondo del miele

From ancient times up through the spread of the exploitation of sugar cane and beet, honey has been the sweetener par excellence. Here is how this sugary substance, of viscous consistency, is processed and stored by bees in the cells of the hive.

Not just potatoes and ginger. Tubers and tuberous roots, a world of energy and flavors

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi

The starchy roots and tubers most often used as power sources in the world have been listed by the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida.

From Libido to Rashes, the Chemistry of Aphrodisiac Foods

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi
From Libido to Rashes, the Chemistry of Aphrodisiac Foods

Softness, scents, colors and sequences of gestures - the secret link between libido and hives, are found in the merits of cocoa, the mischievousness of the banana, the machismo of the truffle. The effect of aphrodisiac foods, proven by science, is discovered to be varied and surprising

The story in pictures: what happened at “The Expo of Ideas, the first stage for the Charter of Milan” at Hangar Bicocca

Culture / Stefano Carnazzi
Hangar Bicocca, sabato 7 febbraio 2015

A photo diary of a great day that addressed everyone’s right to food. More than 500 experts discussed 42 topics, while attendees included Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, along with seven government ministers, senior members of key Italian institutions, and heads of industry. Via video link, Federica Mogherini, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Pope Francis, provided their own contributions. Thus began the path towards the Charter of Milan, the legacy of Expo Milano 2015.

Umberto Veronesi and Giancarlo Caselli: Reinforcing the Meaning of the Charter of Milan

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi
Umberto Veronesi all'Hangar Bicocca

Umberto Veronesi has "boundless merit", to quote Roberto Arditti, which includes having been the first to suggest the idea of a Charter of Milan as part of the Universal Exposition’s legacy. Giancarlo Caselli now oversees the Anti-Agro-Mafia Unit for Coldiretti, the Federation of Italian Farmers. Both Veronesi and Caselli were present at the event entitled the Expo of Ideas, which marked the first stage for the Charter of Milan, to reinforce the core message of Expo Milano 2015.

Max Blardone: The secret of life is in a sandwich

Lifestyle / Stefano Carnazzi
Max Blardone

15 years of World Cup, home and skiing, from his passion for sport he made his profession. Father to a three-year-old, he achieved his goals through hard work, a lot of planning, and by being highly meticulous. He has a motto that sits on his Facebook page: “Giving yourself a goal is the strongest human motivator”. With these values and his experience both as a man and as an athlete, he is an ideal spokesman for Expo Milano 2015.

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