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Stefano Bettera

Journalist, today works at Press Office of Comune di Milano. Always involved on environmental themes and international cooperation issues, he worked for Italian and foreign NGO like Legambiente and Children in Crisis, writing about these subject matter on many newspaper. In his last book "La tempesta migratoria" ("The migratory Storm") he debates on the deep relationship between climate change and migratory phenomenon, and on social adn economical consequences.
Stefano Bettera su Expo Milano 2015

Jordan, gateway to the East

Culture / Stefano Bettera

Jordan’s National day will be celebrated on October 10, and will emphasize the independent nature of this small country, squeezed between the mountains and two seas, but in a highly strategic position.

The Maldives. A sustainable paradise in blue

Culture / Stefano Bettera

The Maldives Archipelago is a paradise for tourists: clean sea, clean nature. But these islands also have set an admirable example in environmental protection and in their use of renewable energy sources.

Choose a cooperative, choose equality

Culture / Stefano Bettera
Il 4 luglio è la Giornata internazionale delle Nazioni Unite delle cooperative.

"Choose a cooperative, choose equality" is the theme of National Cooperatives Day 2015, celebrated by the United Nations by way of COPAC (Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives) on the first Saturday in July.

Eritrea, the opportunities from the arid zones

Culture / Stefano Bettera
Eritrea img rif e cover

Eritrea is an ex-colony of Italy, and retains many signs of that past. From the Horn of Africa it brings to Expo its avant-garde techniques to combat desertification and preserve biodiversity.

Fighting inequality: President Lula’s Zero Hunger Program

Economy / Stefano Bettera
Fame zero il modello Lula per la lotta alle diseguaglianze

Launched in 2003, the Brazilian president’s initiative has contributed to combating hunger in Latin America’s largest country. Today, its neighbors are looking with interest at the possibility of importing a similar model to help them achieve lasting social equality.

When the weather forces migration

Economy / Stefano Bettera
immagine guigoni migranti

December 18 is International Migrants Day, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly. We observe this day with a careful reflection on a new cause of human migration: climate change, capable of affecting not only local economies and agriculture, but also human rights and people’s fundamental liberties.

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