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Sri Lanka. Ancient civilizations and abundant nature

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, corresponding to the previous state of Ceylon, is famous for its tea plantations and spices. Cradle of ancient civilizations, it boasts a stunning archaeological heritage and an extremely rich natural biodiversity. It participates in Expo Milano 2015 from the Fruits and Legumes Cluster and will celebrate its National Day on Thursday October 22.

Chef Wan. That’s how I find that food makes people happy

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi

Chef Wan is a household name in Asia with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and known for his flamboyant sense of style. His talents range from chef, author and actor to TV host and publisher. Here in Expo Milano 2015 he talks about food, spices, tourism and happiness… in Malaysia.

Djibouti. An unexpectedly alluring country with amazing landscapes

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Although battling against the problem of creeping desertification, Djibouti holds many unpredictable natural marvels, like the great salt lakes, the deserts inhabited by zebras and warthogs, the hundreds of kilometers of coastline swarming with colorful fish and coral. Its cuisine too is filled with surprises… and refined French influences.

Qatar. Collaboration flowers in the arid lands

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Government has instituted the National Food Security Plan (F.S.P.) to guarantee a future of sustainable and secure food for its inhabitants. Its strategic guidelines point towards increasing the productivity of agricultural land and, at the same time, cooperation with other Nations.

Malaysia, a mosaic of different cultures

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Malaysia is a land of harmony in diversity. Its multiculturalism and its natural marvels reflect the eclecticism of a nation which boasts one of the richest and most varied gastronomic traditions in the world.

Mexico. From history, the seed of a new world

Culture / Silvia Passini

From the arid regions in the north to the lush tropical forests in the south, Mexico presents varieties of nature which reflect its varieties of lifestyle, custom and tradition and the way they have intermingled for centuries.

Brunei. From a Kingdom of Spices to an Agricultural Laboratory

Culture / Marco Casareto

A 600 year-old monarchy which once dominated a large part of Borneo, with a powerful role in the spice trade, today investing its resources in technological research to improve food efficiency without damaging the environment.

Zambia, the raw diamond of Africa

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

A country off the beaten track of mass tourism, Zambia retains its beauty intact, along with the true spirit and history of Africa. Unspoiled nature, millennia of history and a spirituality all its own are the outstanding characteristics of this uncut gem of the African continent.

Iran. The magic and enchantment of ancient Persia

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Like nearby Turkey, Iran is also a Middle Eastern giant with a fascinating and ancient history, standing at the crossroads between East and West in a delicate equilibrium between tradition and modernity. Embellished by masterfully created gardens and a thousand and one exquisitely decorated palaces, Iran is famed for the hospitality of its people.

Afghanistan, the ancient gateway to Asia

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

For centuries Afghanistan has been a crossroads of peoples and traditions. Today, despite its enduring conflicts, it conserves the beauty of its bleak mountain ranges.

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