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Simone Molteni

Co-director of ExpoNet. Scientific director and head of the socio-environmental initiatives of LIFEGATE since 2002, he is the founder and director of Zero Impact®, the first Italian project in the fight against climate change. A past member of the Committee for the EcoLabel and EcoAudit and a board member of ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment), CESI Research and ERSE. He is a speaker on issues of sustainability and innovation and is passionate about start-ups and those who follow their dreams.
Simone Molteni

Claudio Descalzi. The force of integration and cooperation in Africa

Sustainability / Simone Molteni
tappo video descalzi

The CEO of the ENI energy giant explains in this interview the value of the company’s work in Africa. He underlines that “anyone playing an important role in this continent must think not only of taking, but also of giving. That way, growth happens more quickly. ENI’s contribution has been to find gas for using in a domestic context: is it strategically crucial to invest the country’s resources within the country too.”

Pietro Leemann. Resolving problems by eating. Vegetarian

Sustainability / Simone Molteni Silvia Passini
Pietro Leemann

The Vegetarian Chance is a concept created by Pietro Leemann and Gabriele Eschenazi… an initiative involving competitions and study days focused on vegetarian gastronomic culture, to award and reward the best chefs in this field, which took place in Expo Milano 2015 on September 15.

Stefano Rodotà. The Future Lies in the Words Equality and Dignity, and also Where the Right to Food is Concerned

Culture / Simone Molteni
Stefano Rodotà

The future is about a world that has less and less borders, from a mental and cultural point of view and what spurs people on and what puts up walls." The great jurist speaks at Expo Milano 2015, about the tools we have to turn these words - equality, dignity, right to food, sustainability - into guarantees and realities.

Dialogue, respect and peace. Harmony comes from the reconciliation of different cultures

Culture / Simone Molteni
SM editoriale del 1 settembre 2015

An event on food that is a reflection on our existence. On September 1 the representatives of different religions come together on the stage of Expo Milano 2015 to bless the dishes brought also by the Participating Countries of the Universal Exposition. "Food for the spirit" is a moment of great importance for the space given to lay spirituality and the feeling of a deep gratitude for the gifts bestowed by the planet.

Abdul Karim Sadik. The future lies with renewable resources

Sustainability / Simone Molteni
Abdul Karim Sadik

The economic advisor of Kuwait Fund explains how hunger and poverty can be overcome through greater international cooperation. "This Expo raises awareness on the importance of food security", addressing issues related to the balance between oil resources and renewable sources, the scarcity of water resources and solutions to reduce food waste.

Maurizio Riva. Pangea, the table that brings the whole world together at Expo Milano 2015

Sustainability / Simone Molteni
Maurizio Riva

It sends out a powerful symbolic message, but is also the tangible materialization of rare artistic beauty, created using very valuable yet sustainable materials. The placing of Riva1920’s Pangea table right at the center of the Universal Exhibition, at the crossroads between the Cardo and the Decumano, gives Maurizio Riva the chance to explain the values it represents, the materials used and tell us some more interesting facts about it.

Marta Dassù. The Legacy of the Women's Weeks

Culture / Simone Molteni Silvia Passini
Marta Dassù

Marta Dassù, Executive Chairman of WE-Women for Expo summarizes the two weeks of events "The other half of the Planet - Women's Weeks", which took place from June 29 to July 10. The time offered reflection benefitting from the intersection of disciplines, knowledge, countries and knowledge on the topic of female empowerment. This interview covers the proposals from WE-Women for Expo for international policy makers, and the importance of a truly international network among women of all ages, worldwide.. Women can be the stimulus to solve some of the major global challenges such as hunger and malnutrition.

Marco Settembri. Not even a drop should be wasted

Economia / Simone Molteni
SM Marco Settembri img ref

We are made up of water, and preserving this vital nutrient is essential to life. But for Nestlé Waters a sustainable management of water resources is also beneficial to the maintenance of the business.

Fanni Weisz. The model who opens a bar to help deaf-mute people

Culture / Simone Molteni
Fanni Weisz

The Hungarian model and activist Fanni Weisz launches a strong message that reaches absolutely everyone. Deaf since birth, Fanni explains the importance of sign language in opening the minds of the people who can hear and of giving deaf people a chance. Her projects have included opening a bar managed by deaf people, to show that we are not different, combat marginalisation and publicize sign language.

Maria Elena Boschi. Governments need to commit for progress, cooperation and development

Culture / Simone Molteni
Maria Elena Boschi

Maria Elena Boschi, Minister for Constitutional Reforms of the Italian government, launches a message to the institutions. Governments must aim to achieve the condition of equality, economic development and sustainable growth. “The Charter of Milan is a starting point” stated the Minister “Men and women have to take care of one another, while governments have to commit to favour international cooperation” to help reach sustainable development on a global scale.

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