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Simona Denise Deiana

Born in Milan she earned her degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, specializing in web publishing, and event organization. She has always worked in the publishing and cultural environments and writing for her is special a pleasure. Expo Milano 2015 contains some of her greatest passions: love of the land, nature and food.
Simona Denise Deiana

The healthy table. Food colors to determine our health

Taste / Barbara Francoli Simona Denise Deiana

We all know how enjoyable eating fruits and vegetables can be, especially when in season, but perhaps not so well known is the fact that these foods contain colors that correspond to a pigment, a substance that is a particularly effective index of a specific set of health benefits.

Who Built the Pyramids?...Food

Culture / Simona Denise Deiana
piramide alimentare

The food pyramid is a graphic symbol invented in the United States to illustrate for consumers what foods are to be eaten and in what amounts, as indicated by their location at the bottom or top of the pyramid.

Ten ways to get kids to eat their vegetables

Lifestyle / Simona Denise Deiana
verdure e bambini

It's easier to send kids to school than to get them to eat vegetables. It’s true for mothers/parents, all over the world: children do not want to even eat fruit at times. Regardless of the reasons why, we can all follow some useful advice to solve this problem.

Social eating: one night at dinner, a design house, unknown diners, food

Lifestyle / Simona Denise Deiana
social eating ok

Put one evening at dinner, a design house, diners strangers and good food, and you have the social eating. A mix of curiosity, fashion and gluttony that is beginning to take hold in Italy, where the ritual of dining with family and friends seemed untouchable.

Rice, an invaluable grain

Taste / Simona Denise Deiana
riso chicco prezioso

It is a staple food in many cultures and has nutritional properties that suggest it’s beneficial for all of us to eat, especially if consumed in its unrefined form. Another advantage, it does not contain gluten, so it is perfect for those who suffer from celiac disease.

Olive oil. A Love shared around the world

Taste / Simona Denise Deiana
olio oliva mondo

Produced and known of since ancient times, olive oil is a main staple in the culture of many countries, not just the Mediterranean. Italy is both one of olive oil’s largest producers and consumers. However, the much adored oil is now beginning be produced in such unexpected places as Japan.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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