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Rosamaria Cinque

Resident in Positano, the pearl of the Amalfitana Coast. In 2013 she dedicated herself to the world of Food and in 2014 began her adventures as a food blogger (Rose Passion). This passion led her to widen and deepen her knowledge, to the point where her talent was noticed by Ristoworld Italy, where she currently carries out her profession as an Event&Media Press freelance operator in Campania. Food, photography, art, literature and love for the Mediterranean are the major enthusiasms which attract her to Expo Milano 2015.
Rosamaria Cinque

“La Terra dei Fuochi”. A delicate situation, a wound to be healed

Sustainability / Rosamaria Cinque
terra dei fuochi imm rif

The ‘Land of Fire’ consists of a clearly defined geographical area in Campania, Italy, poisoned by thousands of tons of toxic material and waste buried beneath roads and land, as documented by Roberto Saviano in his famous book “Gomorra”. This deadly wound will only be healed by fostering a debate between various institutions, the citizens and the associations devoted to environmental protection.

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