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68 Countries, 11 religions, one message of peace: Thank you for this food

Culture / Redazione Expo 2015

The blessing of the food by eleven representatives of the world's major religions came together for a day of peace, sharing and discussion. Typical dishes were shared from 68 countries, including Palestine and Israel, at the signing of the Milan Charter and with the blessing of the "religion friendly" rice dish. Here's the story in pictures of the day "food of the spirit "in Expo Milano 2015.

It is necessary that we establish a deep bond with nature and avoid the massacre of fauna and flora

Culture / Traian Valdman

Of all our resources, food is fundamental, but it depends how human beings use it. Their task is not to exploit the earth in excessive ways without thinking of others and even less of future generations, but to cultivate it and to take care of it.

It is not enough to pray in religious places, to be a true believer you must first and foremost share food and water

Culture / Mahmoud Asfa

The Muslim spirit is a spirit of peace, justice and fraternity. This is why ISIS and other similar movements, deforming our religion into a vehicle of hate and violence, constitute a particularly painful wound for us.

The taste of altruism and love, to nourish the body and elevate the mind

Culture / Paljin Tulku Rinpoche

The Buddhist faith considers the body as a vehicle of awakening. This is why the production and consumption of food are always accompanied by spiritual practices such as blessing, thanksgiving to those who have produced the food, dedication of merits and ceremonial offerings.

Denying the planet its food means obstructing its spiritual growth

Culture / Carlo Tetsugen Serra

Too many human beings in the world today are denied food, and denying someone food is not just a matter of making them hungry, it means denying them the dignity of being human, and the possibility of growth and self-awareness.

The future of mankind begins at the table

Culture / Giuseppe Platone

Reducing the distance which still prevents full realization of the goal of “equal access to natural resources and ensuring the sustainable organization of production processes”… this is a task which we can undertake together, starting within our own religious contexts, by introducing lifestyles in harmony with the goals of justice and sharing.

We must aim for a new lifestyle

Culture / Yahya Pallavicini

If exterior deserts are multiplying across the world, because interior deserts have expanded so greatly, the ecological crisis represents a call for a profound interior conversion. This is what my father, sheikh Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini, sustains, incorporating the words of Pope Benedict XVI

How can we describe a society as rich if it impoverishes nature?

Culture / Svamini Hamsananda Ghiri

Mahatma Gandhi expressed the same thought when he said “There is enough wealth in the world to satisfy the needs of everyone, but not enough to satisfy the greed of a minority.” For this reason, but also on account of the shared values expressed in the Milan Charter, the Italian Hindu Union subscribes to this important document, expressing its full support.

In order to improve the Planet, the values proclaimed in the Milan Charter must be put into practice

Culture / Don Luca Bressan

The right to food, to a more caring and ecological world, to a society capable of helping us all to become more mature… these must not remain words written on paper, they must become values seeded in everyday life and ready to transform it.

Pietro Leemann. Vegetarian food will certainly be the nutrition of the future

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Food is noble when it unites us. The Michelin-starred chef Pietro Leemann, Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015, put forth the idea that September 15 will become the Vegetarian Day of Sharing, since vegetarian food is the way to respond to the challenges of a sustainable and equitable way of "Feeding the Planet".

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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