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Highlights from Expo Milano 2015

Lifestyle / Andrea Mariani

More than 7,000 conferences focusing on the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", over 150 pavilions and attractions along the Decumano, concerts, exhibitions, restaurants and street food stalls, all aimed to show the many facets of today’s food challenges. Here, at the Expo Site, a historic event has taken place, which will be remembered as a huge success story for many years. Here are some of the key moments.

Traveling the world at Expo Milano 2015. The most beautiful cover images

Culture / Silvia Passini - Andrea Mariani

A kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, traditions, dances, day after day, the countries participating in Expo Milano 2015 have celebrated National Days, festive occasions and the sharing of different cultures. ExpoNet, the official magazine of Expo Milano 2015, has shared many cultural insights through evocative images and original writing. Here are just some of the stunning landscapes taken from the photographs of the six months of the Universal Exhibition that illustrate natural, scenic and human riches. To travel with the mind, to be inspired, to open oneself….to the world.

Six months of #expopeople. The best shots of people at Expo Milano 2015

Lifestyle / Amedeo Novelli

Six months of the Universal Exhibition, millions more visitors than expected, 150 countries and Pavilions designed by the best architects in the world….foods galore, exhibitions galore, events galore. #expopeople has gathered within this unique setting, a smile a day. Here is a hand-picked selection.

The other half of the Planet. The challenges, messages and proposals from the Women's Weeks

Economia / Redazione Expo 2015

The Women's Weeks were two intense, constructive and exciting weeks at Expo Milano 2015. Strong messages, clear proposals and concrete testimonies were given by the women and men who participated in over 50 international events, debates, concerts, readings and performances. Here is the story in words and pictures of what took place between June 29 to July 10 and the significance of this great legacy for the future.

Expo after Expo: the legacy of Expo 2015. The work starts now

Editorial / Redazione Expo 2015

The speeches, the testimonies and the final assessments of those who made this Universal Exposition possible. From institutional representatives to partners, from exponents of the academic and research world to the NGOs. The principal protagonists of an event which everyone now describes as a success followed one another on and off the stage of the Auditorium in Expo Milano 2015. All agreed that this event cannot just close on October 31. After sowing the seeds for six months, now is the time to preserve the model and harvest its fruits, working to concretely implement the principles expressed in the Milan Charter. For this reason, over 200 experts gathered in 26 different thematic tables to launch the next phase of the huge project that began on February 2 in the Hangar Bicocca.

First trend: the Internet of Things

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta - Emanuela Taverna

Thanks to the Internet, potentially every single object that is part of our everyday experience acquires an existence in the digital dimension: tools and commonly-used devices can exchange information via electronic components, sensors and interconnected software. Consequently, all these devices can be controlled from a distance. These characteristics open up a vast field of possible application in agricultural food production.

Second trend: urban vegetable plots

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta - Emanuela Taverna

Increasing the total cultivatable area inside cities as well as outside them is a necessity… and also a pleasant hobby. Devices equipped with sensors are able to measure air temperature, atmospheric and soil humidity, concentration of main nutrients, threats, etc. This data is then gathered and processed and communicated via a mobile or web device. But small spaces can also be exploited using aeroponics, aquaponics and hydroponics, none of which require soil.

Third trend: sustainability

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna - Michele Sechi Gatta

The food of the future must require less water, less energy, less fertilizer and less transport. And since sometimes you have to look at the past in order to innovate, many young people are devoting themselves to agriculture and reviving methods of organic cultivation, using biodynamic approaches, permaculture or synergic agriculture. Sustainability also has a vital social dimension, such as the inclusion of weaker or disadvantaged members of society or boosting female business empowerment.

Fourth trend: health

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna - Michele Sechi Gatta

Allergies and intolerances and other food-connected pathologies are multiplying all over the world, and in doing so are creating target groups which offer considerable market potential. The startup projects in this strand focus on solutions for offering healthy and genuine foods, foods suitable for certain kinds of dietary problems which remain pleasurably palatable and easily available. The most significant sub-group here was seen to be the development of substitute products, where traditional animal protein contents are simulated by vegetal contents.

Fifth trend: security and traceability

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna - Michele Sechi Gatta

The traceability of agriculturally produced food products is an increasingly significant issue both for institutions and private subjects. The use of mobile devices enables the monitoring of various phases of the supply chain and ensures respect for food safety standards and traceability. Many new evaluation techniques have been developed using sensing devices. The use of a single category of technique or a combination makes it possible to cover the challenges of a wide range of food sector problems.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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