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Paola Guidi

Paola Guidi, from Milan but with roots in Ferrara, is a law graduate who has studied macroeconomics. A journalist and a writer, following a “fantastic” experience in writing crime news pieces for daily local newspapers and evening press such as Corriere Lombardo and La Notte, she finds home technologies and begins to travel, visiting international exhibitions, companies and research centers. She writes for Der Spiegel, La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Il Resto del Carlino, Expansion, and Epoca.

Conserving water, with minimum inconvenience

Lifestyle / Paola Guidi
immagine spreco acqua

First off, it is worth clarifying two points regarding water: one, that there is a shortage, and two, that we need to make major sacrifices in order not to waste any. In reality, innovation and an intelligent approach could make water available to places where it is lacking, while reducing public and private consumption with very little inconvenience.

A trip around the world of the coffee bean: 400 billion cups consumed globally

Economy / Paola Guidi
PG le tazzine di caffè nel mondo

After petroleum, coffee is the second most traded product with an annual production of 148 million 60 kg bags. Mugs, demitasses, cups and sacks are commonly cited in statistics and as profits, but few realize that it is not only a matter of macro or micro economics, but also one of style.

The shopping list of the future will be online and coming straight from the fridge

Innovation / Paola Guidi
elettrodomestici del futuro imm

From now until 2020, billions of objects, appliances and homes will be increasingly connected to the internet. While it is important to try to prevent waste and incidents and to provide families with a higher level of convenience and technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) will also ensure secure connections that can be protected from hackers, spam and theft.

Home Automation. First helping Vietnam Vets, today protecting the environment

Innovation / Paola Guidi
PG domotica imm

Home Automation. First helping Vietnam Vets, today protecting the environment. Created to give Vietnam veterans independence, home automation systems today help occupants to consume less electricity and avoid food waste - thanks to smart ovens and freezers that can send alarms to our smartphones. ISE, considered one of the largest systems integration events in the world, is taking place in Amsterdam, February 10 to 12.

Cooking up a storm with the Ferrari of the kitchen world

Innovation / Paola Guidi
PG cucine imm

That cooking well is as important as eating well, is amply demonstrated by the fact that the Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena area of the Emilia-Romagna region, where most of its best-known food specialties derive, is also where Italy’s, and the world’s, leading kitchen manufacturers are located.

The fridge of the future will be super cold, magnetic and solar-powered

Innovation / Paola Guidi
PG il frigo del futuro imm

A revolutionary European program and worldwide research to reduce electricity consumption and food waste by using the sun, magnetism and new technologies.

Beware of the fridge. It tells us everything, even income

Economy / Paola Guidi

The contents of a refrigerator, according to research carried out by an investments company, is able to reveal not only the family’s taste in food, but its living standard and income level, very useful information for those needing to invest. An expert describes how this electrical pantry changes shape, performance and design depending on the country, the diet and the space.

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