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The best birthday present ever #expopeople

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Amedeo Novelli / Canon Italia / Expo Milano 2015

"It was my birthday and I was sitting in the warm sunshine of the Canary Islands enjoying a well-deserved break with a good friend when the phone rang. I was told that I’d been accepted to come and work in the Social Media Team of Expo Milano 2015! The very same evening I landed in Milan, and the next day the preparations started. In retrospect it was the best birthday of my life. I’ve matured a lot in these months, both personally and professionally. Milan welcomed me with open arms, I have many friends that are like family to me. The person I was most pleased to get to know here was the famous blogger and make-up artist Clio Zammatteo, just as sweet and exuberant in person as in video. Unfortunately, this wonderful adventure is now ending. The other day I booked my train back to Naples, leaving on November 7, so I will at least have some time to get used to the idea of having to go back”.


Will I stay here? Just for six months! #expopeople

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Amedeo Novelli / Canon © Expo 2015

"They hired me as a waiter at Expo Milano 2015 in the Spain Pavilion. I’m from Barcelona and I’ve always traveled a lot. Once this experience is over I don’t expect I’ll stay for long in Milan, I love to keep moving! What do I want to do before I leave? Sample our famous steak".


As an ethnic dish, does pizza count? #expopeople

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© Amedeo Novelli / Canon / Expo 2015

"For lunch I had a pizza ... I know, I should have tried something international, but I was with two American girls, so for them pizza is an ethnic specialty! Does that count?"


Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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