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I’ve gained another valuable experience #expopeople

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Amedeo Novelli / Canon Italia / Expo Milano 2015

"I’d been away from Italy for a long time due to my studies. I missed my country, my family, everything I loved was so far away. As soon as I could, I came back here and applied to work in the Social Media Team of Expo Milano 2015. I wanted to learn, to get to know people from all over the world, I needed a change.... In these six months I haven’t had much time to visit the exhibition as a tourist, but one pavilion has stayed firmly in my heart: that of Alitalia-Etihad. My parents are both flight attendants and going into that pavilion made me feel at home. Luggage, uniforms, people going and coming. Now this experience is coming to an end and I’ll return home with the knowledge of having gained another valuable experience which will help me secure a future here, in my country. But if I should need to leave again, the bags are packed. If ever I were to get homesick, there’s always a plane waiting to take me home”.


Every mom has her own individual touch. We don't follow recipes, a spoonful of this, a spoonful of that ... #expopeople

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© Amedeo Novelli / Canon / Expo 2015

"I was born in South Korea, then I lived in the United States and now in Switzerland. I'd say my favorite dishes are bulgogi and kimchi. They remind me of my childhood. Only that in Korea we don't follow a precise recipe. Every mom has her own individual touch, her own flavor. A spoonful of this, a spoonful of that ... Now that I'm also a mom, I try to recapture the style of my mother’s cooking, so I can do it again for my daughter."


Heidi, for many a cartoon ... for me, real life! #expopeople

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Amedeo Novelli / Canon © Expo 2015

“I’m 21 years old and the happy heir to a farm in the Italian province of Udine. We have more than 180 cows. My whole family works there and this makes us very close. When I have some free time, which is rarely, I spend it with my grandmother or with my parents. Our village is really small. The fact that there are more cows than people gives you a good idea just how small. I don’t envy at all the lives of my peers, living in the country has given me what I believe are a strong set of values”.


Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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