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ExpoNet, the magazine for FoodConscious people

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Exponet, il magazine per persone ciboconsapevoli

ExpoNet is the official magazine of Expo Milano 2015. It’s a journal open to messages and testimonials, stories and views, expert opinions and points of debate.

Scientists around the world have been saying for decades that our lifestyle is not sustainable, that it will not last for long.
Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, points out that food is the weak link in the nutrition chain. It is the first sector that will go into crisis and that we will be called upon to renew or even reinvent.

The way we eat is the part of our daily lives that likely characterizes us the most. It defines our identity and our way of life. Paradoxically, eating is also one of the acts that we repeat in a mechanical and in a more unconscious way, since it is usually someone else who has raised, grown, harvested, transported and cooked the food that we consume.
Various studies have shown for years how many children in big cities (and not only them!) do not grasp any relationship between the animals and the meat that they eat every day. They are somehow convinced that food magically grows in refrigerators or in supermarkets.
Without debate, there is no awareness
We have reached a turning point: the choices that we are now making (or not making), are critical for the challenges that await us in the coming decades.
Unfortunately, we seem not to have fully understood the vastness of the challenges that the world is facing; with few exceptions, there is no real debate today on the major issues that affect our future and the way in which we live.
Without debate there is no awareness, it is the only truly indispensable ingredient. In 30 to 50 years’ time, we will find out if we have made the right choices or if we have made gross errors instead. What will be important in that time, is to be able to make sure that today, we are making these choices in a conscious way.
The Universal Expositions
The Universal Expositions are a powerful tool for the awakening of consciences. They identify a theme and confront it with contributions from all over the world. These events take stock of what is going on now and offer a setting in which to exchange experiences.
The most ambitious goal of every Universal Exposition - without diminishing the importance of the architecture and the emotions that the spaces offer to visitors - is to stimulate a real debate around the proposed theme.
ExpoNet is the official magazine of Expo Milano 2015 and was developed to accommodate and stimulate debate, to spread knowledge and increase awareness around the way we feed ourselves. Exponet will offer insights, interviews, special scientific features, news and surveys. This content and the knowledge, which it creates for readers, will be one of the legacies of the Expo.
ExpoNet will discuss the complexity of people, jobs, transportation, technology, lives and the destinies that are hidden behind the plates on our tables every day. With knowledge of its story, all food recaptures the dignity it deserves, and we quickly discover that our small daily habits are permanently intertwined with major global issues: food waste and injustice, GMOs, land grabbing, the future of Made in Italy, food security and world hunger.
With a journalistic approach, we want to give a voice to all opinions and allow each reader to have his views-and the reasons for them-on the challenges that lie ahead and how best to address them.
ExpoNet is an open journal that invites everyone to contribute by posting ideas, comments, reports and stories useful to its purpose: to make us all FoodConscious.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

The ExpoNet Manifesto