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Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Food urbanist, architect and urban planner, she was assistant to Roberto D'Autilia, a professor of architecture at the University of Roma Tre, with-whom she Conducted research for her thesis on the identification of a metabolic constant and a scaling law for growth in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem. She plays the violin, and just bought one of violins made ​​in Cremona.
Ilaria D'Ambrosi

Central African Republic. Music from a country in the heart of Africa

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

At the center of Africa, the Central African Republic preserves through art and music their traditions and the wonderful nature that characterizes this country.

Francesco Ardito. Last Minute Sotto Casa, the practical start-pp for avoiding food waste

Innovation / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

A concrete solution to combat food waste, Last Minute Sotto Casa, the start-up created by Francesco Ardito, is designed to interact with merchants who don’t want to throw away food that is still fresh.

Malaysia, a mosaic of different cultures

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Malaysia is a land of harmony in diversity. Its multiculturalism and its natural marvels reflect the eclecticism of a nation which boasts one of the richest and most varied gastronomic traditions in the world.

Mozambique. Where ancient cultures have not been lost

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Mozambique is an African State where the long domination of Portuguese rule never succeeded in cancelling the culture of its native peoples, who for centuries have continued to transmit their habits, customs and culinary traditions.

Nepal: the cult of nature served in every dish

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Nepal is a mountainous kingdom set between China and India, whose traditions are reaffirmed every day through the rituals of the populations in the highlands and foothills beneath the towering mountains.

Bangladesh, where rice has a sustainable heart

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi
 ND Bangladesh 20 sett img rif

Bangladesh is a land drenched in history, hugely influenced by India’s culture. Today it is one of the world’s biggest rice producers. Its music, literature and above all cuisine represent the legacy of Bengal’s culture in the world. This is demonstrated in the Bangladesh Pavilion in Expo Milano 2015.

Belarus. The pride of a land still rooted in its traditions

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Belarus is a nation whose roots go back to remote history, which still feeds the country’s most ancient traditions and beliefs. Its people are bound to religion, their country and their homes, but also to contact with Nature.

The poetry of Timor-Leste and all its cultures

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is a South-East Asian country, bordering on Indonesian and Australian territories. Centuries of European, Chinese and Indonesian colonizers, merchants and travelers have profoundly influenced the cultural identity of this country, especially in terms of language and customs. The resulting multi-ethnic cultural identity is visible especially during sacred and festive occasions when – above all in rural areas – its rich folklore is expressed through singing and dancing to music dominated by the use of gongs.

Zambia, the raw diamond of Africa

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

A country off the beaten track of mass tourism, Zambia retains its beauty intact, along with the true spirit and history of Africa. Unspoiled nature, millennia of history and a spirituality all its own are the outstanding characteristics of this uncut gem of the African continent.

Thailand, the soup of history

Culture / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

In faraway south-east Asia, a land bathed by the waters of the Ocean offers itself to the world through an enchanted and enchanting nature and with human settlements sometimes rural, imbued with tradition, and sometimes urban metropolises with one foot in the future. This is Thailand.

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