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The Real Cost of a Steak

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi

Currently about 1.3 billion cattle populate the earth and graze on about a quarter of the arable land on the planet.

Sixth trend: superfood

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna - Michele Sechi Gatta

Scientific research has led to the discovery of previously unexplored nutritional properties, many of which are presented as ‘superfoods’. Some of these already existed in nature but needed rediscovery and market distribution. Others are created by laboratory nutrient enrichment processes. In this micro-trend, a special mention goes to algae. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, algae have long been present in the diet of many Asian peoples, and have been indicated by the FAO as one of the possible solutions to malnutrition in Developing Countries.

Future food. Innovation at Expo Milano 2015

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

Drones, satellites, robots: they are closer to our tables than we think. And Expo Milano 2015 proved it. It brought together hundreds of innovators who have found their recipe for healthier eating, after searching for it far out in space or inside our brains.

Food and lifestyle. How new trends such as home production and the quest for excellence define who we are

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

Respect for the Earth and rediscovering quality foods. These are some of the new habits identified and explored during the Universal Exhibition in Milan and which point to a growing awareness of the Earth among people.

In3Diagnostic. An innovative company from Turin which prevents animal illnesses

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

A Turin University spin-off team is focusing on preventive animal medicine, by developing disease early warning systems. From its beginnings in December 2012 to today, In3Diagnostic has acquired an important competitive advantage over its competitors: the ability to produce recombinant antigens.

Pietro Leemann. Vegetarian food will certainly be the nutrition of the future

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Food is noble when it unites us. The Michelin-starred chef Pietro Leemann, Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015, put forth the idea that September 15 will become the Vegetarian Day of Sharing, since vegetarian food is the way to respond to the challenges of a sustainable and equitable way of "Feeding the Planet".

Just Spirulina. Fighting malnutrition at school

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

An Israeli NGO has picked out the best allies to spread its great ideas: teenagers and their love of networking. In fact, it teaches schools a very simple way to grow Spirulina and then encourages them to pass on their knowledge to other institutes. Including South Africa and Ruanda.

“La Terra dei Fuochi”. A delicate situation, a wound to be healed

Sustainability / Rosamaria Cinque

The ‘Land of Fire’ consists of a clearly defined geographical area in Campania, Italy, poisoned by thousands of tons of toxic material and waste buried beneath roads and land, as documented by Roberto Saviano in his famous book “Gomorra”. This deadly wound will only be healed by fostering a debate between various institutions, the citizens and the associations devoted to environmental protection.

Ilaria Capua. Women’s ideas need to have their own voice and reach everyone, men and women alike

Innovation / Stefano Carnazzi - Silvia Passini

A virologist, defined as “a revolutionary mind”, the “strong lady” of Italian research, and rapporteur in many TED conferences, Ilaria Capua manages to reconcile her work in the laboratory, exploratory missions abroad, talk shows and her family. This is why she is the perfect example of the woman who, during the Women’s Weeks of Expo Milano 2015, can inspire other women to do things, to study, to take risks.

Uschi Eid: Four things that we can do now to save water

Sustainability / Michele Sechi Gatta

Food waste means water loss. And given that in 2050 we will need 60 percent more water resources for food production, commitment is needed to change current practices, as they are doing in Rwanda.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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