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Giorgio Zerbinati

Giorgio Zerbinati, who grew up along the banks of the River Po near Mantua, had his first brush with city life in Bologna. As a young man he went on to live for a while in Paris and Lisbon, but a series of circumstances finally brought him to Milan. Having never resolved his tug-of-war between science and the humanities, he writes about the environment and history.
IMM BOLL Giorgio Zerbinati

Equatorial Guinea, majestic volcanoes and Afro-Hispanic culture

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati
imm rif Guinea Equatoriale

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries in Africa and the only one where they speak Spanish. Located in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, it is famous for its rain forests, impressive volcanoes and the colonial Hispanic architecture of the capital Malobo. Present at Expo Milano 2015 in the Fruits and Legumes Cluster the country celebrates its National Day on Thursday, October 29.

Liberia, the African dream

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

Liberia is one of Africa’s most fascinating countries, founded at the beginning of the 1800s by freed slaves returning from the United States of America. Today, the country is populated partly by their descendants and partly by roughly sixteen different ethnic groups, which together comprise a richly varied cultural weave. Liberia also offers a richly varied weave of natural resources, and landscapes varying from tropical rain forests to savanna and to rich mangrove swamps. In Expo Milano 2015, Liberia will celebrate its National Day on Tuesday October 27.

Sri Lanka. Ancient civilizations and abundant nature

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, corresponding to the previous state of Ceylon, is famous for its tea plantations and spices. Cradle of ancient civilizations, it boasts a stunning archaeological heritage and an extremely rich natural biodiversity. It participates in Expo Milano 2015 from the Fruits and Legumes Cluster and will celebrate its National Day on Thursday October 22.

Antonio Boselli. Cisgenesis can help small farmers and typical products

Innovation / Giorgio Zerbinati
imm rif Antonio Boselli Confagricoltura

Antonio Boselli is the President of the farmers’ association Confagricoltura in Milan, Lodi, and Monza-Brianza, and an expert in biotechnology applied to agriculture. A speaker at a conference focused on GMOs, held by the CNR (National Research Council) in Expo Milano 2015, he was interviewed by ExpoNet, the official magazine of the Universal Exposition.

William Peduto. Pittsburgh is reborn, thanks to innovation

Innovation / Giorgio Zerbinati

William Peduto is the mayor of Pittsburgh and his administration is an example of social innovation and planning. A guest Innovation Forum of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2015, he was interviewed by Exponet, the official magazine of the Universal Exposition.

Samantha Cristoforetti. “Expo Milano 2015 is a fascinating, wonderful and enjoyable place to visit”

Innovation / Giorgio Zerbinati
imm rif video Samantha Cristoforetti

During her first visit to Expo Milano 2015, on Tuesday October 6, Captain Samantha Cristoforetti expressed her huge satisfaction at the success of the Universal Exposition, of which she is also an official Ambassador.

Qatar. Collaboration flowers in the arid lands

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Government has instituted the National Food Security Plan (F.S.P.) to guarantee a future of sustainable and secure food for its inhabitants. Its strategic guidelines point towards increasing the productivity of agricultural land and, at the same time, cooperation with other Nations.

The Republic of Guinea, the water reserve of West Africa

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Republic of Guinea is a fascinating country with a varied and complex territory, which includes mangroves, savannas and forests, and also the mountains containing the sources of the principal rivers of West Africa. It participates in the Universal Exposition from the Fruit and Legumes Cluster and celebrates its National Day on Friday October 2.

Guinea-Bissau, a biosphere reserve

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

A small country in West Africa overlooking the Atlantic, Guinea Bissau is famous for its production of cashew nuts and especially for its rugged coastline covered in mangroves and forests. The country is participating in the Islands, Sea and Food Cluster and celebrates its National Day on Thursday, September 24.

Benin. The courage to face great challenges

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

A small West African country looking out onto the Gulf of Guinea, Benin is committed to reinforcing its own food security. Present in Expo Milano 2015 in the Fruits and Legumes Cluster, it celebrates its National Day on Friday, September 11.

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