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Gianumberto Accinelli

Entomologist and a close associate of Giorgio Celli, creator of the spin-off of the University of Bologna EUGEA (Urban Ecology Gardens and Environment), of which he is president. In his card on TEDx Bologna it reads: "Social Entrepreneur, with his start-up, he wants to help people rebuild biodiversity in the areas most affected by this problem, the cities".
Gianumberto Accinelli

Goats, spiders and the bridges of the future

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli

The Future Beckons, Full of Hope and Innovation, Along with New Needs. The building industry is constantly on the look-out for new materials, the better to address the ever-more complex requirements for constructions. One solution might be provided by a combination of spiders and goats.

Ten Plants that Attract Butterflies

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli

While the great Belgian writer, Maurice Maeterlinck defined butterflies as the “the daughters of the sun”, and others have referred to them as “pearls of the air”, or “flying jewels”, they do not feed on spiritual matters but need material food like the rest of us. So what do butterflies eat? And what are the most nutritious foods for butterflies?

Insect dishes: entomophagy

Lifestyle / Gianumberto Accinelli

The silkworm: the future food of astronauts

Lifestyle / Gianumberto Accinelli
baco da seta img rif

Today’s spacecraft galleys must be able to deliver meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Chinese entomologists have found the perfect solution to satisfy both criteria.

When the flowers help the bees

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli
© Robert Pickett Corbis

Many insects play an important role in the food production cycle, both because they pollinate the plants, and because they feed on other, harmful, insects that would, otherwise, eat the crops themselves. For some years now a branch of pest management science has been studying techniques to help boost these valuable insects, the simplest and most effective method being to place their favorite food alongside the cultivated fields.

Crops Saved by Confusing Insects. A Biological Control Technique

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli
I raccolti si salvano confondendo gli insetti. Una tecnica di lotta biologica

Organic products fill the shelves of supermarkets and our cupboards. The consumer is increasingly aware and tends to prefer environmentally friendly products. Sexual confusion is a technique that helps achieve sustainable production.

Insects: some get spooked by them and others eat them

Lifestyle / Gianumberto Accinelli
Gli insetti: a qualcuno fanno senso e qualcuno se li  mangia

Man has been able to subjugate nature so that, in the places where he lived, it must comply with certain rules. Insects, an ancient life form, are able with impunity, to conquer space in our territory. Perhaps this is also the origin of our repulsion towards them.

Hunger makes the world more colorful;or at least its insect

Culture / Gianumberto Accinelli
Etologia dell'alimentazione

Living beings have to come up with a thousand strategies to obtain food. That's why Nature’s variety is the result of millions of meals and solutions to get them.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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