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Tropical forests suffer with increased food exports

Sustainability / Tommaso Perrone

A third of deforestation in tropical countries is caused by the production and export of beef, soybeans, palm oil and timber products: all data that should prompt us to think about what kind of diet we should follow to reduce our environmental impact.

Traveling the world at Expo Milano 2015. The most beautiful cover images

Culture / Silvia Passini - Andrea Mariani

A kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, traditions, dances, day after day, the countries participating in Expo Milano 2015 have celebrated National Days, festive occasions and the sharing of different cultures. ExpoNet, the official magazine of Expo Milano 2015, has shared many cultural insights through evocative images and original writing. Here are just some of the stunning landscapes taken from the photographs of the six months of the Universal Exhibition that illustrate natural, scenic and human riches. To travel with the mind, to be inspired, to open oneself….to the world.

All the facets of sustainability at Expo Milano 2015

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi

Sustainability is a concept which is made up of several different but intrinsically connected aspects: the environmental, the social, the economic and the cultural aspects. It is these different faces of the prism that make this concept innovative, thus getting away from the classical antinomy between campaigners for the protection of the environment and those favoring economic development understood merely as a quantitative growth figure.

Sri Lanka. Ancient civilizations and abundant nature

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, corresponding to the previous state of Ceylon, is famous for its tea plantations and spices. Cradle of ancient civilizations, it boasts a stunning archaeological heritage and an extremely rich natural biodiversity. It participates in Expo Milano 2015 from the Fruits and Legumes Cluster and will celebrate its National Day on Thursday October 22.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Discovering the Sovereign of all medical plants

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Monday October 5 is the National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Expo Milano 2015. A country of mountains, forests and ginseng. Its curative plant will be the enlivening force of the party, despite its respectable age… a friend of mankind for five thousand years.

The Republic of Guinea, the water reserve of West Africa

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The Republic of Guinea is a fascinating country with a varied and complex territory, which includes mangroves, savannas and forests, and also the mountains containing the sources of the principal rivers of West Africa. It participates in the Universal Exposition from the Fruit and Legumes Cluster and celebrates its National Day on Friday October 2.

Poland. A fable of nature and history, also at the table

Culture / Silvia Passini

The beauty of nature, history and intricate dishes: Poland offers numerous pleasures capable of sating all the senses. A green land where nature and culture embrace in harmony and where memories of the past – fascinating and admonishing – are reflected in eyes looking towards the future.

Indonesia. The main ingredient is gratitude

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

Many families still follow the tradition of cooking more food than they need, so as to be able to share it with neighbors, friends and relations: a custom inherited from rural traditions which still make reciprocal help and the ability to reach communal decisions a priority.

Venezuela. An amazing beauty unfolds everywhere, to the rhythm of salsa and merengue

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Looking out onto the Caribbean Sea, this warm and welcoming country has a wealth of different and extraordinary landscapes and climates. Between them the Amazon jungle, the snowy peaks of the Andes and the crystalline sea around the Los Roques archipelago contain a large part of the world’s biodiversity.

Equatorial biodiversity: Gabon celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

On the Atlantic coast of Equatorial Africa, almost 90 percent of Gabon is covered by rain forest. Present in Expo Milano 2015 in the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster, the country will be celebrating its National Day on Thursday July 30.

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