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Six months of #expopeople. The best shots of people at Expo Milano 2015

Lifestyle / Amedeo Novelli

Six months of the Universal Exhibition, millions more visitors than expected, 150 countries and Pavilions designed by the best architects in the world….foods galore, exhibitions galore, events galore. #expopeople has gathered within this unique setting, a smile a day. Here is a hand-picked selection.

Roberto Masi. The Future Factor, a seed worth growing

Economy / Emanuela Taverna

Twenty contracts from three to five years for twenty farmers under-40. This is the commitment made by McDonald’s Italia at Expo Milano 2015 and signed with the approval of Minister Martina.

The GreenWatcher, Giunko, Hangreen and OrtiAlti: innovative life for the world of food

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

Four startups, four ideas for injecting new life into the world of food. These have been selected by Autogrill which, on the occasion of the presentation of its own tenth sustainability report, chose to share the stage at the Coca-Cola Pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 with them.

Makr Shakr, the robot that serves up cocktails

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

It is able to shake, mix, strain and measure out over 40 ingredients with complete accuracy. And it does so by using the Makr Shakr’s pair of automated arms. The first robotic bartender in the world, the Makr Shakr is currently fully functioning at Expo Milano 2015.

La Comanda. Order your pizza from your fridge

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the Click'n Pizza button allows you to order your favorite menu with a single click.

Tangible Nous. From Mexico, an alternative to animal protein

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

A Mexican company has developed 100 percent vegetal products which can substitute meat, milk, yogurt and egg preparations while maintaining the taste and consistency of the originals. They also boast a whole series of advantages when compared to the substitutive products currently available.

Street food the world over. From Japan to Peru, the mouthwatering tour is signed by Slow Food

Lifestyle / Sara Zavagno - Slow Food

Okonomiyaki, chicha morada, crepes, tortillas and choripán. There are countless varieties of street food in the world, although they all share some common characteristics. Street food is cheap, quick to cook, but above all, “zero miles”. Imagining that we are crossing oceans and mountain chains, Slow Food takes us to meet the best products of local cuisine served in the squares and market places of the world.

Street food in Italy. From Venice to Palermo, the mouth-watering tour is signed by Slow Food

Lifestyle / Slow Food

Pani ca’meusa or with lampredotto, folpi, piadine, fried stuffed olives Ascolana style or fried pizza. Italy has a wealth of street foods which offer great quality and taste, while being affordable and sustainable. There is nothing better than stopping off at a stand to eat a traditional dish for just a few euros. Slow Food proposes an enticing tour of Italian street food in true “slow” style.

All the ice-creams on offer at Expo Milano 2015: 10 unusual flavours not to be missed

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi - Annalisa Cavaleri

Whether their appeal derives from them being limited editions, or made with typical ingredients of a Country, or perhaps because you can only find them at Expo Milano 2015, be sure you don’t miss out on tasting all of these delicious ice-creams during this Universal Exposition.

Stefano Marras. Street food in future will be high quality, organic and zero kilometer

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

This is the forecast offered by Stefano Marras, research fellow of the Department of Economics and Sociology at the University of Milan-Bicocca, who was commissioned by his University and by Expo Milano 2015 to carry out a research project in order to supply the Universal Exposition with high quality research information on this growing food trend.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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