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The Real Cost of a Steak

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi

Currently about 1.3 billion cattle populate the earth and graze on about a quarter of the arable land on the planet.

World Humanitarian Day. What it is, why it was created and its purpose

Culture / Stefano Carnazzi

"Why do we need humanitarian aid?" is a question that seems obvious, with a predictable answer. The other question is not so obvious: what are the risks faced by those operating in countries at risk? The United Nations, with World Humanitarian Day on August 19, reminds us that helping populations that are suffering and the nations in difficulty is anything but a foregone conclusion. And one that can cost human lives. A day for helping people to understand who does what, and which are the smartest moves.

Tomato Sushi. To save ahi tuna, all you need is a tomato

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

Environmentally friendly, it keeps the taste consumers love and opens up a whole new market. James Corwell has created Tomato Sushi, a product that replaces fish with a vegetarian option.

Food Huggers. An anti-waste solution for fruit and vegetables

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

Founded by a marketing specialist and an industrial designer, Food Huggers preserve fruit and vegetables in a new way, creating a reusable protective cover in silicone. And the environment is grateful.

Ilaria Capua. Women’s ideas need to have their own voice and reach everyone, men and women alike

Innovation / Stefano Carnazzi - Silvia Passini

A virologist, defined as “a revolutionary mind”, the “strong lady” of Italian research, and rapporteur in many TED conferences, Ilaria Capua manages to reconcile her work in the laboratory, exploratory missions abroad, talk shows and her family. This is why she is the perfect example of the woman who, during the Women’s Weeks of Expo Milano 2015, can inspire other women to do things, to study, to take risks.

Phil Hogan. Let us not forget the enormous progress we have made in Europe

Sustainability / Michele Sechi Gatta - Stefano Carnazzi

With a responsibility to contribute to global food policy, to eliminate hunger in the next 15 years, more than 400 delegates came to Expo Milano 2015 to the International Forum for Agriculture. Over 800 million people suffer from hunger and we must be able to produce more.

What's right (and what's wrong) with the French anti food waste law

Economy / Simone Molteni

In France, further to an amendment of the energy efficiency law, supermarkets are to be prevented from discarding food that is still within its sell-by date, making it mandatory to donate surplus produce to soup kitchens and charitable organisations. Are we really starting to get serious about this? We asked the president of Italian food bank foundation Banco Alimentare.

Returning home to Uganda: The images from the exhibition "Uganda - Land of Hope"

Culture / Alberto Prina

In Northern Uganda two million people have fled their homes during more than 20 years of civil war. From 2005-2006, however, the displaced people began to return to their villages, with the dream of starting a new life, taking back their homes and land. This event is documented in the beautiful images of the exhibition "Uganda - Land of Hope", which were created together with the seven young winners of Cesvi’s 'Food Right Now' campaign competition.

Our mobile phones are empowering a new awareness of health and nutrition

Innovation / David Orban

Every generation of mobile phones gets richer with sensors and easier to use with smart software applications, enabling constant monitoring of fitness data, for better nutrition and healthier lifestyles. Recent applications in India will positively impact the lives of millions.

Vittore Beretta: Getting the World to Ask for 'Prosciutto'

Economy / Emanuela Taverna

A family business now in its eighth generation, offering Italian specialties to 60 countries around the world, Beretta, the Official Cured Meats Sponsor of Expo Milano 2015 seems to have beaten the globalization challenge. Here, the owner of Fratelli Beretta, explains how to develop the Italian food market in the more distant parts of the globe, with China and Australia being the first in line.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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