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Fabrizia Villa

A professional journalist, she has worked for over 20 years for travel and tourism publications. In 2013 for Edizioni White Star publishers, she wrote the book "Italia in 80 meraviglie” ( Italy in 80 Wonders) and, in 2014, she contributed to the National Geographic Walking Guide series with her book , “Milano. Il meglio della città” (Milan. The Best of the City). Since the beginning of 2015, she has managed the contents of the WE-Women for Expo website.
Fabrizia Villa

Joanne Harris. Observing how people eat is a way of learning much about their personality.

Culture / Fabrizia Villa
Joanne Harris

The author of “Chocolat” tells us how important food and stories are for building a dialogue between different cultures. The English novelist is one of the 104 women writers to have contributed to “Novel of the World” a choral piece of work written in 28 different languages for WE-Women for Expo and dedicated to the nourishment of the body and soul.

Simonetta Agnello Hornby. It is food that keeps the culture, not language

Culture / Fabrizia Villa
Simonetta Agnello Hornby

Simonetta Agnello Hornby, writer, lawyer and Ambassador WE-Women for Expo takes part in the Women's Weeks during the reading marathon of the 'Novel of the World ", the great novel of the world written by 104 writers from 100 countries in 28 different languages. Her words express the importance of cooking, food, culture and children’s rights.

Anilda Ibrahimi. I tell about female transmission, from mother to daughter

Culture / Fabrizia Villa
Anilda Ibrahimi intervista 4 lug img rif

The Albanian writer talks about her point of view on the women’s condition in her Country and in Italy where she lives and writes since 1994. She participated in the “Novel of the World” by Women for Expo with the story “La signora della casa al fiume” (The lady of the house on the river).

Lella Costa. Female perspective and female talents, the indispensable contribution

Culture / Fabrizia Villa
Lella Costa

Actress, writer and dubbing actress, Lella Costa is one of the Ambassador faces for Expo Milano 2015 and spokesperson of WE-Women for Expo. She is participating in “The Other Half of the Planet - Women's Weeks” bringing a feminine, humorous, sensitive touch.

Serena Dandini. "Ferite a morte” (Wounded to Death) , stories of violence against women at the theatre

Culture / Fabrizia Villa
Serena Dandini

Serena Dandini is participating in “The Other Half of the Planet - Women's Weeks” with the show "Ferite a morte” (Wounded to Death): actresses, singers and women participating in the Women's Forum Italy give voice to women who died at the hands of men, victims of femicide.

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