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Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy

She has a degree in International Economics from the University of Trieste and is passionate about photography. She has been a longtime contributor to lifestyle, food and wine magazines and conducted interviews with personalities from the world stage. A freelance journalist and photographer, she has published books with Hoepli, Feltrinelli and Skira.
Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy

Coffee, at the heart of history and mystery

Taste / Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy

Coffee is the most renowned drink in the world, but its origins remain shrouded in mystery. With my photographs I tell the story of the places where it is produced and the faces, traditions and rituals related to this drink – so alluring and so deeply steeped in history.

Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy. Keeping my promise, telling the story of distant lands and their beauty

Culture / Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy
Elisabetta Illy

Perhaps it is the simple idea of everything in the world having a soul that makes the idea of a "genius loci" inescapable: that natural and supernatural essence of place, setting it apart from others, and making it unique and exclusive.

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