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Elio Fiorucci

Fashion designer and successful entrepreneur, he is considered a style icon and a symbol of Made in Italy throughout the world. He is also known as the "king of jeans" for having transformed jeans, to follow the contours of the women’s body. He has conquered the women’s clothing of the world and created a new trend. Fiorucci has opened innovative stores in every part of the world, such as in New York where, since 1976, his store served many international celebrities: Lou Reed, Madonna, Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Grace Jones.  He has been a vegetarian for several years and is a supporter of animal rights and a responsible nutrition.
Elio Fiorucci

Nurturing the planet and coexistence with all living beings

Culture / Elio Fiorucci
Dall'arredo anticonformista alle lampade al quarzo iodio, dalle lacche bianche alle scale celesti fino al negozio Fiorucci di San Babila, a Milano, unico punto di colore in mezzo al grigiore. Tutte intuizioni che fanno emergere l'estro creativo ed artistico di Elio Fiorucci, inventore-talentscout nato per rivoluzionare ogni canone della moda.

Here's how I would imagine our response to the thought-provoking question that has been posed by Expo Milano 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life": a nurturing of the Planet and thereby a coexistence for all living beings.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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