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Chefs and local specialties: all the flavors of Expo Milano 2015

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Tasty dishes, famous chefs, important messages and unusual food: a world tour at Expo Milano 2015 of tastes, sustainability, protecting everything that’s “Made in Italy” and ever “greener” cooking.

Around the World in 10 desserts: 10 desserts not to be missed at Expo Milano 2015

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

The visit to Expo Milano 2015 gets even sweeter with the Sicilian cannoli, rangeena, fernì, chak-chak and kunafa. Pastry making is the protagonist with delicious preparations, including whipped cream, puff pastry, dried fruit and candied peel.

Rice burger: street food Japanese style

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri

Rice is the staple food of the Japanese diet. The rice burger, with two rice cakes instead of bread, is the latest street food innovation. At the Pavilion of Japan there are three types of rice burger to try: sliced beef with teriyaki sauce, chicken and prawn tempura.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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