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Vietnam. A proud people working the land, with a fixed gaze on the future

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Rice, a precious food cultivated with love by the skilled hands of women and men hunched over ears of wheat till dusk.

Morocco, a journey of flavors, colors and history

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© Michel Setboun/Corbis
© Barbara Francoli/Expo2015
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© Michel Setboun/Corbis
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© Michel Setboun/Corbis

On May 23 the National Day of Morocco at Expo Milano 2015 is celebrated through its food, landscapes, customs and architecture.  We start out with a colorful and evocative trip to learn more about this country.

Holy See, food represents our relationship with God

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Caravaggio Cena in Emmaus / Supper at Emmaus
Tintoretto Moltiplicazione dei pani e dei pesci / The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
Giotto Nozze di Cana / Marriage at Cana
Leonardo da Vinci Ultima Cena / Last supper
Giotto Isacco che respinge Esaù / Isaac Rejecting Esau 
Tiziano Adamo ed Eva / Adam and Eve

From the apple of Adam and Eve, the Bible is brimming with references to food, the body and the soul. So much so that the greatest artists of all time have represented it through their immortal works.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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