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Meng Tian. Music is my home: it brings together cultures, countries and people... also at the table

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The meeting of cultures, the absolute value of music, the importance of a feminine take on things in addressing the major challenges, including through music: these are just some of the topics that the singer Meng Tian tackles during this interview.

Meng Tian was born in China and now lives in Switzerland. She writes and performs her songs in English and in Chinese, covering a wide range of genres, with themes such as true love, honesty, passion and compassion at the core. She has performed at Expo Milano 2015 in the Swiss Pavilion bringing her energy and her music, and in this interview she explains her love for topics concerning the preservation of the planet and her concern for the environment. She has said that when she's not singing, she works for the NGO Biovision, which aims to improve in a sustainable way, life for people in Africa and help with conservation and environmental protection.

Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales. Solidarity and cooperation to achieve common goals

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The Secretary-General of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, places an emphasis on cooperation and respect, the only two things that can lead to equality. "Expo is the place where the diversity of cultures, biodiversity, is revealed". According to Loscertales "this is the starting point for cooperation and for joint progress”.

Evelina Christillin. Expo Milano 2015 is the proof that Italy can work on a global level

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Evelina Christillin, member of the Organising Committee of Expo Milano 2015, is the Ambassador of WE-Women for Expo, and took part in the Women’s Weeks. “Women now participate in any situation with equal rights, so they can say their piece in any debate. The important thing is that this contribution must form a legacy for Expo Milano 2015: in this case the legacy is to establish a network of women on a global scale, that can continue after Expo Milano 2015. This Exposition has already been a very important signal of an Italy that can work smoothly”.

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