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Food Security, Nutrition and Global Health. The Aspen Forum, within the Women’s Weeks at Expo Milano 2015

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The Forum, organized by the Aspen Institute Italia and by The Aspen Institute (Washington), shall highlight the women’s perspective on the issues in the agenda with debates, interviews, dinners and tutorials to stimulate dialogue, share ideas and present innovations in the context of the Universal Exposition theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

The Aspen Forum at Expo will feature a series of workshops, panel discussions, interviews, dinner events and tutorials to foster dialogue, aggregate ideas and showcase innovations in food security, nutrition, global health and sustainability in the challenge of Expo Milan: Feeding the Planet.
In particular, the Forum, organized by Aspen Institute Italia and The Aspen Institute (Washington) in cooperation with Expo Milano 2015, will address three key issues. The first is food security and its implications on transatlantic relations. A major event will be organized on July 9th at the European Pavilion. Speakers include Maurizio Martina, Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, Anthony Gardner, US Ambassador to the EU as well as members of the European Parliament.
The second key issue is nutrition and health with a special focus on gender. Aspen Italia will host a large event on July 8th at the Swiss Pavilion with Kathleen Sebelius, Former US Secretary of Health and Human Services and Linda Douglass, former journalist and communications consultant, among others. A discussion will follow on nutrition and sport moderated by Evelina Christillin. Another event, organized with WAME, will deal with the key issue of clean cooking. Lidia Bastianich, Ambassador of Women for Expo, will be a part of the panel.

Finally, the third key issue to be addressed by The Aspen Forum at Expo is the relationship between scientific progress and increasing food production. An exciting debate at the Triennial will be hosted on July 8th and will feature speakers including Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of The Aspen Institute, Cristina Alberini, Professor at the Center of Neural Science, New York University and Carlo Purassanta, CEO of Microsoft. The debate will be moderated by Monica Maggioni.

In addition, the Forum will include a special focus on women as the events will take place during Women’s Weeks, a central element of the We-Women for Expo program. On July 10th, Aspen Italia will organize a workshop on women and technologies. Special guests will include Marcela Villarreal, Director of the FAO Office for Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development, Sonia Massari, Executive Director and Food and Culture Programs Director of Gustolab International Institute for Food Studies, and Peggy Clark, Executive Director and Vice President of Policy Programs at The Aspen Institute. Also on this occasion, the latest issue of Aspen Institute Italia’s journal Aspenia, entitled “Zero Hunger”, will be presented.

The Aspen Forum at Expo will host representatives from all of the Aspen Institutes around the world. And it will be the first time that Aspen Institute Italia goes public, organizing open-door events for general audiences. The Forum also brings together 40 major experts from the US, most being members of The Aspen Institute’s Food Security Strategy Group.

Libor Stloukal. Quality education for developing technology, while respecting traditions

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Women are involved in food production processes. They are the ones who feed their families and hand down the culinary cultures of their Countries. “Education, and especially the quality of education, is one of the aspects that is essential for improving people’s intellectual abilities” and tackling the problem of food waste or loss. Access to technologies, to tools and to infrastructure for the transportation and preservation of food is one of the practical elements we need to ensure in order to develop marginalised sectors of our society.

Meng Tian. Music is my home: it brings together cultures, countries and people... also at the table

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The meeting of cultures, the absolute value of music, the importance of a feminine take on things in addressing the major challenges, including through music: these are just some of the topics that the singer Meng Tian tackles during this interview.

Meng Tian was born in China and now lives in Switzerland. She writes and performs her songs in English and in Chinese, covering a wide range of genres, with themes such as true love, honesty, passion and compassion at the core. She has performed at Expo Milano 2015 in the Swiss Pavilion bringing her energy and her music, and in this interview she explains her love for topics concerning the preservation of the planet and her concern for the environment. She has said that when she's not singing, she works for the NGO Biovision, which aims to improve in a sustainable way, life for people in Africa and help with conservation and environmental protection.

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