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Cristina Alberini. Women have a different intuition compared to men

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Cristina Alberini, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of New York, is participating in the Women's Weeks. “The information processing and selection method of women is different to men’s. Women are prepared to take care of food, nutrition, and growth. These are the advantages of including women in scientific research. It is necessary to speak and convey messages in a clear ways to those who then make decisions”.

Anita Nair. It is the nature of women to feed the world

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The Indian writer has contributed to the novel 'Novel of the World' published as part of the Women's Weeks of Expo Milano 2015, with a brief essay that provides a well-rounded overview on the importance of food for life and the role of women in future. She has included some interesting trivia, for example in southern India, when two people meet, instead of saying "Hello" they ask: "Have you eaten today?", conveying not only a greeting but a real concern for the each other.

Alberto Frausin. Women can turn dreams into reality

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“Women are more able and persevering, and for this reason they have to fill a really active role on a governance level if we want to change things”. Alberto Frausin, CEO of Carlsberg Italy took part in the event Women in Business: Sustainable Economies and Good Governance organised on the 7th of July by Valore D and the San Patrignano Foundation in the Conference Room of Italian Stock Exchange in Milan.

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