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Vietnam. Like a lotus flower opening towards the sky

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©-Hugh SittonCorbis

A tranquil and hospitable country which lives with the memories of decades of warfare. A fascinating millennial culture in harmony with a florid nature and beautiful uncontaminated landscapes. Today Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the National Day of a proud but peaceful people who consider hospitality an inviolable value.

Vietnam offers visitors numerous wonderful places to see, including various sites included on UNESCO’s world heritage list plus stunning postcard-worthy beaches. But the most extraordinary thing about this small Asian nation is the nature of its inhabitants who – thanks also to the Buddhist religion largely followed throughout the country – are deeply proud, imperturbable and with a serene smile on their faces whatever happens. Just like the flower they most love, the lotus, the Vietnamese people are profoundly rooted in the country’s traditions and history and yet always lift their eyes in hope towards the sky.
Plenty of soup and a mouth-watering pudding to finish
Featuring a great fondness for soups, and with rice as the main ingredient in most dishes, Vietnam’s cuisine can be considered one of the healthiest and lightest in the world. Among its countless delicious typical recipes, one could mention the spring rolls with rice leaves, aromatized chicken with herbs, stuffed crabs, crepes, steamed dumplings and numerous kinds of noodles in numerous kinds of broth. Vietnamese desserts deserve a special mention. Perhaps influenced by their period of French occupation, the Vietnamese go in for rich desserts in a big way. Its puddings really are special, with endless variants on chocolate mousse and crème caramel, and also sky-high-calorie numbers with seeds, fruit, corn, ginger and coconut. The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity is present in the country and protects four different kinds of rice: the Lo Ban, Lo Nghe, Lo Oi and Lo Puop varieties
The Vietnamese Pavilion, where beauty is shaped like a lotus flower
Beautifully scenic, Vietnam’s Pavilion stands on the Decumano between Belgium and the Rice Cluster. The external structure evokes a large cluster of lotus flowers opening towards the sky, while the internal halls offer visitors a daily diet of folkloric spectacle and concerts of traditional music. The Pavilion also has an upper floor devoted to displays of handicrafts and a restaurant offering various of the country’s delicious typical dishes.

Ecuador. The colors of the country, from the wonders of nature to its culture

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© Owen Franken/Corbis

The colors, dishes, and variety that is Ecuador, the smallest country of the Andean highlands. Enjoy a journey by pictures as the country celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015.

Brunei, food security without harming mega-diversity

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© Keren Su/Corbis
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© Jacob Maentz/Corbis
© Jacob Maentz/Corbis
© Jacob Maentz/Corbis
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Turquoise seas and lush forests are the trademarks of Brunei, a strip of Borneo characterized by mega-diversity. The primeval jungle, 130 million years old and containing almost 15,000 species of plants, provides shelter to an amazing variety of animals. The local government is developing strategies to ensure agriculture that can exploit new knowledge and technologies to increase domestic food production in a sustainable and responsible way, expanding farmland without sacrificing the land currently available.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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