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Yemen. On the Arabian Peninsula, home of one of the world’s best coffees

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Yemen celebrates its National Day on October 14, aiming to show visitors what links the country with coffee, and its ambitions for the future.

Sebastião Salgado. The power of the Planet and the people who work the earth with their hands

Culture / Silvia Passini

The great Brazilian photographer doesn’t consider coffee simply as a product, but as an interweaving of stories: stories of the people who have grown it, stories of the hands which have worked the earth and the expressions on the faces in the plantations. Sebastião Salgado tells these stories in the Coffee Cluster at Expo Milano 2015 together with Illy.

Ethiopia. Where drinking coffee is a ritual

Culture / Marco Casareto

A country so ancient that history and legend are inseparable… take the Queen of Sheba, for example, or how wild coffee beans first came to be toasted.

Angola. A country rich in natural resources and food variety

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

The culinary tradition of Angola draws upon its own rich regional and ethnic roots, which over the centuries have evolved by absorbing other gastronomic cultures, especially those of Portugal, Brazil and Italy.

El Salvador. A small lush country, once the cradle of Mayan civilization

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Sea, culture and folklore. Situated in the narrow strip of land connecting Mexico with Colombia and South America, small though this Latin nation may be, it contains a vast variety of natural beauties and fascinating archaeological sites.

Kenya. A land of contrasts and unique characteristics

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

Kenya is like a mosaic of different kinds of territory and ecosystems, from the coastal zone to the savanna, and from vast highland plateaus to rugged mountain chains, to the Rift Valley and Lake Victoria.

Brazil. A leap into the agriculture of the future

Culture / Caterina Pagliara - Federica Patti

With its typical exuberant vivacity, Brazil presents a successful agricultural system integrating technology and tradition: a message of economic development, internationalization and sustainability.

All the ice-creams on offer at Expo Milano 2015: 10 unusual flavours not to be missed

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi - Annalisa Cavaleri

Whether their appeal derives from them being limited editions, or made with typical ingredients of a Country, or perhaps because you can only find them at Expo Milano 2015, be sure you don’t miss out on tasting all of these delicious ice-creams during this Universal Exposition.

A short history of ice cream. From ancient Roman snow to love with a heart of cream

Economy / Stefano Carnazzi

In its variegated journey zigzagging between history and geography, ice cream has evolved from being a dessert for the powerful elite to a street food loved by all and eaten all year round. Way back in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, drinks with ice or snow were served to the rich and powerful, but it took several more millennia before master confectioners in Italy created the formats and flavors which have now conquered the world.

Senegal. A distillation of climates

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

A nation which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, offering marked climatic contrasts between evergreen tropical forests and the arid zones.

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