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São Tomé and Principe. Creating harmony between mankind and nature

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

São Tomé and Principe celebrates its National Day in Expo Milano 2015 on September 27. A day to focus on the participatory theme of a small archipelago state which is proud to offer an example of how mankind and natural biodiversity can live together in harmony.

From the Corn and Avocado Flavor of Mexico to the Gutturnio From Piacenza… A Festival of Special Edition Ice Creams

Taste / Redazione Expo 2015

The Ferragosto holiday was an ideal day for proposing new ideas, experiments and surprising typical ingredients from different countries, sponsors and Pavilions… all expressed with ice cream, or "gelato" as they say in Italy. A triumph of deliciousness!

All the ice-creams on offer at Expo Milano 2015: 10 unusual flavours not to be missed

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi - Annalisa Cavaleri

Whether their appeal derives from them being limited editions, or made with typical ingredients of a Country, or perhaps because you can only find them at Expo Milano 2015, be sure you don’t miss out on tasting all of these delicious ice-creams during this Universal Exposition.

A short history of ice cream. From ancient Roman snow to love with a heart of cream

Economy / Stefano Carnazzi

In its variegated journey zigzagging between history and geography, ice cream has evolved from being a dessert for the powerful elite to a street food loved by all and eaten all year round. Way back in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, drinks with ice or snow were served to the rich and powerful, but it took several more millennia before master confectioners in Italy created the formats and flavors which have now conquered the world.

Equatorial biodiversity: Gabon celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

On the Atlantic coast of Equatorial Africa, almost 90 percent of Gabon is covered by rain forest. Present in Expo Milano 2015 in the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster, the country will be celebrating its National Day on Thursday July 30.

Colombia. A five-level paradise of biodiversity

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

Its position astride the Equator and its multiplicity of altitudes contribute to the country’s phenomenal variety of flora and fauna. Coffee, cocoa, flowers and fruit are among its most appreciated and exported products.

Cameroon: where the dense tropical fluvial forest opens up to vast beaches of white sand

Culture / Cinzia Figus

This beautiful Equatorial African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean contains swathes of uncontaminated landscape where some of the world’s most ‘uncontaminated’ peoples have lived for centuries in harmonious contact with pure nature.

Plantation syndrome

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

The African slave trade is an historical phenomenon that still conditions the present day in many countries. The International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade provides an occasion for reflection on the subject

Eurochocolate: What the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster has in store for us

Taste / Emanuela Taverna

In this video, the Expo Milano 2015’s Official Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster Content Provider offers some delicious details of what we can expect to see in the area of the Universal Exhibition dedicated to the ‘Food of the Gods’.

From Libido to Rashes, the Chemistry of Aphrodisiac Foods

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi

Softness, scents, colors and sequences of gestures - the secret link between libido and hives, are found in the merits of cocoa, the mischievousness of the banana, the machismo of the truffle. The effect of aphrodisiac foods, proven by science, is discovered to be varied and surprising

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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