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Tropical forests suffer with increased food exports

Sustainability / Tommaso Perrone

A third of deforestation in tropical countries is caused by the production and export of beef, soybeans, palm oil and timber products: all data that should prompt us to think about what kind of diet we should follow to reduce our environmental impact.

Yemen. On the Arabian Peninsula, home of one of the world’s best coffees

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

Yemen celebrates its National Day on October 14, aiming to show visitors what links the country with coffee, and its ambitions for the future.

Energaid. Controlled coolness without environmental impact

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

Maintaining a constant and controlled temperature in warehouses used for maturing cheese, wine or cured meats, with minimal electricity consumption… This is the mission of the innovative Energaid system, whose concept is inspired by the temperature-maintaining conditions inside caves.

Comoros. A little treasure-trove of biodiversity between Mozambique and Madagascar

Culture / Cinzia Figus

This African country is made up of four small islands, of which three are of volcanic origin, scattered in the Indian Ocean not far from Madagascar. In every way it offers a fascinating blend of French, African and Arabian cultures inherited from its past.

Moldova: the Sun illuminates the Earth

Culture / Michele Sechi Gatta

The country exploits solar energy to the full, and within the Universal Exposition intends to encourage intelligent and sustainable use of this energy. Respect for the environment and a combination of tastiness and tradition, Moldova makes good use of the fruits of the earth and exports much of its excellent produce.

One Earth Designs. The most efficient solar stove in the world, helping the people that need it most in the Himalayas

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

Winner of many international awards, this system offers access to clean burning fuel. One Earth Designs lower monthly spending on energy costs by up to 64 dollars.

Food in the Age of Biofuels

Innovation / José Graziano da Silva

Over the past several years, biofuels have become a bone of contention. For some, a renewable energy source produced from organic matter amounts to a magic wand in the fight against climate change. But others view biofuels as an existential threat, because the plants used to create them compete for agricultural land and water that would otherwise be used to grow food.

Argentina is transforming itself from “the granary of the planet” to a producer of food products

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi - Michele Sechi Gatta

Argentina’s Minister of Agriculture illustrates his country’s statistics, its future prospects and its revolutionary scientific innovations. Including the first transgenic cow in the world.

Phil Hogan. Let us not forget the enormous progress we have made in Europe

Sustainability / Michele Sechi Gatta - Stefano Carnazzi

With a responsibility to contribute to global food policy, to eliminate hunger in the next 15 years, more than 400 delegates came to Expo Milano 2015 to the International Forum for Agriculture. Over 800 million people suffer from hunger and we must be able to produce more.

June 5 is World Environment Day and this year UNEP is celebrating it at Expo Milano 2015

Sustainability / Tommaso Perrone

June 5 is World Environment Day, established by the United Nations in 1972. Its purpose is to preserve the environmental wealth of the Earth with this year’s focus on the responsible consumption of the planet’s resources.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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