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Claudio Tesauro

Claudio Tesauro, lawyer and President of Save the Chidren Italy, a non-profit organization owned by the International Save the Children Alliance, the largest independent organization for the defense and promotion of children's rights. Expert in European Community law, Claudio Tesauro is the President of the Italian Antitrust Association as well as the coordinator of the Antitrust and Regulatory Division of the firm Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, one of Italy’s leading law firms which has lawyers based in Brussels, Rome, Milan and London, of which he is executive partner and founder. He was graduated in Law and began his career in New York, obtaining a master's degree in Comparative Jurisprudence at New York University. Later he moved to Brussels, at the Division "Competition" of the European Commission's Legal Service. He has published several articles on law and antitrust. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Save the Children Italy since 2004 and is currently the President.
Claudio Tesauro

The future is in the hands of girls. Save The Children at Women’s Weeks, Expo Milan 2015

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The fundamental role of adolescent girls in the agricultural supply chain and in food security - Exploring this theme, Save The Children, participates in the Women’s Weeks at Expo Milan 2015, creating awareness of the importance of investing in young women, who can make a difference in the future of food and in the future of the Planet.

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