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Cinzia Figus

Milanese with Sardinian and Portuguese origins, born in 1977. Freelance journalist, she has a degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences and for this site she is writing for the Lifestyle and Culture sections. She has always had a fondness for everything related to personal growth, environmental issues and sustainable lifestyles (although when traveling she cannot give up the plane). She is a conscious and attentive consumer and hates shopping. She dresses thanks to swap parties she arranges with her friends.
Cinzia Figus

Food and lifestyle. How new trends such as home production and the quest for excellence define who we are

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus
immagine lifestyle 19 ottobre

Respect for the Earth and rediscovering quality foods. These are some of the new habits identified and explored during the Universal Exhibition in Milan and which point to a growing awareness of the Earth among people.

The Dominican Republic. A natural paradise with crystal-clear seas and virgin forests where nature celebrates abundantly

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Spectacular and spontaneously attractive in its absolute simplicity, offering irresistible endless beaches whose white sands carouse with the legendary Caribbean sea, and also equally irresistible freshly picked tropical fruit, this country is a lavish concentrate of flora, fauna and brilliant colors.

Vietnam. Like a lotus flower opening towards the sky

Cultura / Cinzia Figus

A tranquil and hospitable country which lives with the memories of decades of warfare. A fascinating millennial culture in harmony with a florid nature and beautiful uncontaminated landscapes. Today Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the National Day of a proud but peaceful people who consider hospitality an inviolable value.

Djibouti. An unexpectedly alluring country with amazing landscapes

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Although battling against the problem of creeping desertification, Djibouti holds many unpredictable natural marvels, like the great salt lakes, the deserts inhabited by zebras and warthogs, the hundreds of kilometers of coastline swarming with colorful fish and coral. Its cuisine too is filled with surprises… and refined French influences.

Kuwait. The allure of a small country where the sands of the desert meet the warm waters of the Persian Gulf

Culture / Cinzia Figus

A country projected towards the future, where oil wells and fish farms share the landscape with futuristic solar energy plants and hundreds of majestic wind turbines harvest the gifts of the wind.

El Salvador. A small lush country, once the cradle of Mayan civilization

Culture / Cinzia Figus
el salvador imm rif

Sea, culture and folklore. Situated in the narrow strip of land connecting Mexico with Colombia and South America, small though this Latin nation may be, it contains a vast variety of natural beauties and fascinating archaeological sites.

Comoros. A little treasure-trove of biodiversity between Mozambique and Madagascar

Culture / Cinzia Figus

This African country is made up of four small islands, of which three are of volcanic origin, scattered in the Indian Ocean not far from Madagascar. In every way it offers a fascinating blend of French, African and Arabian cultures inherited from its past.

Venezuela. An amazing beauty unfolds everywhere, to the rhythm of salsa and merengue

Culture / Cinzia Figus

Looking out onto the Caribbean Sea, this warm and welcoming country has a wealth of different and extraordinary landscapes and climates. Between them the Amazon jungle, the snowy peaks of the Andes and the crystalline sea around the Los Roques archipelago contain a large part of the world’s biodiversity.

Iran. The magic and enchantment of ancient Persia

Culture / Cinzia Figus
ND iran 23 ago img rif

Like nearby Turkey, Iran is also a Middle Eastern giant with a fascinating and ancient history, standing at the crossroads between East and West in a delicate equilibrium between tradition and modernity. Embellished by masterfully created gardens and a thousand and one exquisitely decorated palaces, Iran is famed for the hospitality of its people.

Cambodia. The radiant smiles of inhabitants, among plantations and ancient temples

Culture / Cinzia Figus
cambogia national day cover

A paradise still relatively unexplored by mass tourism, and one of the world’s biggest rice exporters. Famous for Angkor Wat, the archaeological site on Unesco’s World Heritage list, the country is renowned for its hospitality, its white beaches and its unspoilt nature.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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