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Caterina Pagliara

Architect and freelance journalist, graduated with honors from Turin Polytechnic in 2004, followed in 2010 by a PhD in History of Architecture and Town Planning. Since 2007 she has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Giornale dell’Architettura, for which she is section director, carries out research and writes critical essays. She is involved with marketing strategy for multifunctional agricultural enterprises and with engineering innovation. She also collaborates with young ICT entrepreneurs in defining forms of creative narration in the application domains of e-Learning, e-Participation and Cross-media Communication.
Caterina Pagliara

Brazil. A leap into the agriculture of the future

Culture / Caterina Pagliara Federica Patti

With its typical exuberant vivacity, Brazil presents a successful agricultural system integrating technology and tradition: a message of economic development, internationalization and sustainability.

United States of America. When growth is vertical

Culture / Caterina Pagliara Federica Patti
Il 4 luglio è il National Day degli Stati Uniti

Digital technology has enabled advanced management of agriculture and an exponential increase in productivity and waste reduction. Today Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the National Day of the United States of America.

Austria. The woodland ecosystem is the latest high tech conquest

Culture / Caterina Pagliara Federica Patti
Il 26 giugno è il National Day dell'Austria

What better model of intelligence and development for the new millennium than the perfection of nature itself? Trees, microscopic organisms, air, light and water united in an invisible and synergic cycle. While wandering through an Alpine wood, we can discover how to inject new lifeblood and oxygen into our ideas of the future. Today Austria is celebrating its National Day at Expo Milano 2015.

France. A journey into the belly of a nation

Culture / Federica Patti Caterina Pagliara
Francia. Viaggio nel ventre della nazione

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, across the plains of Beauce, the vineyards of Burgundy, the verdant landscapes of Provence and the beautiful parks of the Alps, France is showcasing its biodiversity. Today the National Day of France is being celebrated at Expo Milano 2015.

Germany. The garden of researchers

Culture / Caterina Pagliara Federica Patti
La Germania è all'avanguardia nella ricerca e innovazione

Germany's challenge is to inspire every visitor with innovative ideas to improve the future, stimulating observation and awareness of the natural forces that are essential to human nutrition. Today Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the National Day of Germany.

United Kingdom: A hive of creativity

Culture / Federica Patti Caterina Pagliara
ND Regno Unito 17 giugno img ref

The UK's ultimate industrial challenge is to attract creative talent and feed the global economy with new technological and cultural achievements. Today Expo Milano 2015 celebrates UK National Day.

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