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Malta. The crossroads of Mediterranean history

Culture / Emanuela Taverna

The key fact about this archipelago is its supremely strategic geographical position for ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of history… the cause of an infinite series of conquests and occupations, still clearly visible in its capital, Valletta.

Blood as blue as the ocean: June 9 Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the National Day of the Principality of Monaco

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

Pragmatism, unconventionality and sustainability without forgetting the past, Monaco adds a touch of elegance to everything. Discover the world view of the Principality.

Tunisia: The heart of the Mediterranean, and not just in geographical terms

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

In the central area of north-west Africa is a tongue of land that expresses the best of the traditions and influences of the Mediterranean. On May 27, Tunisia celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015.

Montenegro: History and food specialties, protected by mountains

Culture / Silvia Passini

A gem set between the Adriatic shore and imposing mountains, Montenegro boasts virgin forests, parks, and sheer cliffs overlooking the sea.

Fruit trees flowering in spring

Sustainability / Barbara Francoli

When the first flowers appear on the leafless branches of the fruit trees typical of the Mediterranean area, then spring is on its way. The almond tree is the first to blossom, its white flowers with their delicate pinkish hue making their appearance in February, followed soon after by the apricot, whose fragrant flowers are bright-white and the peach, whose blooms are of a distinctive pink shade. Between April and May, the plum tree follows suit, while the cherry tree boasts leaves along with its blooms. In all cases, the flowering season is very short, the petals falling after a few days, to make way for the nascent fruits.

Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony

Sustainability / Barbara Francoli

Europe, Africa and Asia. The Mediterranean Sea spans three continents where peoples, societies and natural environments come together. Here one can find the absolute spirit of the Mediterranean cuisine, the value and significance of being together, of coexistence and integration: the narrative follows the history of countries and peoples and evokes colors, flavors and aromas combined with a unique cultural experience.

Taste Monterosso Salted Anchovies - A group of girls working hard to preserve an old tradition

Taste / Redazione Expo 2015

Patrizio Roversi visits a cooperative called The park girls, working for Cinque Terre National Park since 2002 and managing the offices of Monterosso Park.

Ferdinando Scianna: Sharing the food of the people that I photograph

Culture / Silvia Passini

In the photographs of Ferdinando Scianna, the Mediterranean tells a story of families, gestures, rituals and traditions. Scianna, a photographer-member of the international Magnum cooperative, is curating the exhibition within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster at Expo Milano 2015 and, here, talks to us about food through photographs as well as memories, flavors, and the places where these have been experienced.

Nine top photographers from Magnum/Contrasto interpret the Clusters of Expo Milano 2015

Culture / Barbara Francoli

Colors, styles, different perspectives, from the oceanic islands to Asia, from Africa, to Europe with the photographers from Magnum/Contrasto. A sensorial journey that interprets the nine Clusters of Expo Milano 2015. Each Cluster has a dedicated photographic exhibition that will enlighten visitors on how the various crops, together with the work of man, feed the Planet and its inhabitants.

The secular Mediterranean olive groves are unique. Here is how to protect them

Innovation / Redazione Expo 2015

The region of Apulia and the Italian Ministry of the Environment are working on defending the antique olive trees in the Mediterranean area. In order to preserve the history, traditions and survival of the olive growers.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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