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Food and lifestyle. How new trends such as home production and the quest for excellence define who we are

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

Respect for the Earth and rediscovering quality foods. These are some of the new habits identified and explored during the Universal Exhibition in Milan and which point to a growing awareness of the Earth among people.

Vanuatu. The archipelago of happiness, thanks to a sustainable style of life

Culture / Tommaso Perrone

The Vanuatu Archipelago smiles. Numerous entities have awarded the country the label of the happiest country in the world, thanks to the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants and the beauty of its landscapes. The best opportunity to find out more? Come to its National Day in Expo Milano 2015!

Cinderella’s Pumpkin. The dream of synergistic agriculture comes true

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna

This farm of 1.5 hectares in the startup phase – the fruits of a corporate manager with a biology degree - uses the synergy between plants and microorganisms naturally present in the soil to cultivate ancient, rare and exotic varieties of plants.

Ambronite. The complete meal to drink on the go that’s gone viral on the Internet

Innovation / Michele Sechi Gatta

Organic and packed with only natural ingredients, Ambronite is a drinkable meal you can prepare in a couple of minutes. A natural drink that takes away your pangs of hunger for five hours and guarantees complete nutrition. It has convinced over 800 fans in 30 countries.

Pietro Leemann: Our next objective is democratizing vegetarian cuisine

Taste / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Expo Milano 2015 Chef Ambassador, Pietro Leemann, reveals his secret ingredient as well as the background to going vegetarian.

Arassociati and Simmetrico. How we discovered Azerbaijan

Innovation / Ilaria D’Ambrosi

Azerbaijan is one of the world’s most ancient countries, a crossroads of peoples and traditions. This is a country whose history preserves within it the history of mankind and the roots of a culture stretching back thousands of years. The architects who created it tell us about the Pavilion in the Expo Milano 2015 site.

Goats, spiders and the bridges of the future

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli

The Future Beckons, Full of Hope and Innovation, Along with New Needs. The building industry is constantly on the look-out for new materials, the better to address the ever-more complex requirements for constructions. One solution might be provided by a combination of spiders and goats.

Ten Plants that Attract Butterflies

Sustainability / Gianumberto Accinelli

While the great Belgian writer, Maurice Maeterlinck defined butterflies as the “the daughters of the sun”, and others have referred to them as “pearls of the air”, or “flying jewels”, they do not feed on spiritual matters but need material food like the rest of us. So what do butterflies eat? And what are the most nutritious foods for butterflies?

The world of honey

Taste / Stefano Carnazzi

From ancient times up through the spread of the exploitation of sugar cane and beet, honey has been the sweetener par excellence. Here is how this sugary substance, of viscous consistency, is processed and stored by bees in the cells of the hive.

Saturnino: If Expo Milano 2015 were a song, it would be Azzurro, sung by Celentano

Lifestyle / Cinzia Figus

The renowned bassist and Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015 has been playing for over twenty years with Jovanotti, who he refers to as "a great musical chef". The musician from Le Marche in Italy, who grew up enjoying the traditional flavors of his homeland and who has a passion for art, has for two years followed a diet that excludes meat, milk and eggs.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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