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Attilio Speciani

Allergist and Immunologist, SMA Medical Director – (Medical Services Associates). Specialist in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, Scientific Director of Eurosalus, professor of nutrition for courses in the Master of Herbal Medicine of the University of Bologna and Milan. Active member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). His most recent research concerns the immunological aspects of nutrition, which integrates the scientific aspects of classic and natural therapies, combining these two areas in his medical practice.
Attilio Speciani su Expo Milano 2015

Natural cycles and gluten tolerance: vary your cereals to achieve well-being

Lifestyle / Attilio Speciani
sensibilita al glutine intolleranza cereali img rif

In recent decades, many natural cycles of cultivation have changed. Varying the use of cereals, balancing those that contain gluten, with those that have none, is instead a powerful tool that encourages tolerance and allows you to maintain well-being.

Cocoa, tea and coffee: tonics for those living in the world of allergies

Taste / Attilio Speciani
caffe bevanda sociale speciani img rif

The early history of three "social" drinks is linked with their ability to provide pleasure and good flavor, though their global reach is probably due to their common anti-allergic action.

Breakfasts around the world: lots of great examples that trigger the right signals

Lifestyle / Attilio Speciani
La prima colazione nel mondo: tanti buoni esempi per dare il segnale giusto

Examples of breakfasts from around the world offer us hints, tips and ideas for when we wake up: those that trigger all the right stimuli, energy and signals.

Raw, fresh and colorful. Fruits and vegetables at the root of universal well-being

Lifestyle / Attilio Speciani
Crudo, vivo e colorato

Small pieces of fruit or vegetables at the beginning of each meal or snack (breakfast included) help to combat food intolerance and the development of inflammation and allergies. A low-cost habit that can save lives and contribute to well-being.

Proteins should be spread across every meal, including breakfast

Taste / Attilio Speciani
Proteine, da distribuire in ogni pasto. Prima colazione compresa

The right amount of protein, spread equally among all meals throughout the day, starting with breakfast, is a sign of well-being that improves insulin sensitivity and combats obesity and diabetes.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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