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The Real Cost of a Steak

Sustainability / Stefano Carnazzi

Currently about 1.3 billion cattle populate the earth and graze on about a quarter of the arable land on the planet.

Tropical forests suffer with increased food exports

Sustainability / Tommaso Perrone

A third of deforestation in tropical countries is caused by the production and export of beef, soybeans, palm oil and timber products: all data that should prompt us to think about what kind of diet we should follow to reduce our environmental impact.

When Italians want to do something well, they're able to do so… and they do #expopeople

Lifestyle / Redazione Expo 2015 - Amedeo Novelli

"I’m convinced that this Expo was a great success. It’s not only the mere data that tells us this. It can be seen in the faces of the people, the families enjoying themselves together, even the visitors who have been standing in the scorching sun. The people were here, they came, there were children everywhere. Expo Milano 2015 has shown that when Italians want to do something well, they’re able to do so… and they do."

Equatorial Guinea, majestic volcanoes and Afro-Hispanic culture

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries in Africa and the only one where they speak Spanish. Located in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, it is famous for its rain forests, impressive volcanoes and the colonial Hispanic architecture of the capital Malobo. Present at Expo Milano 2015 in the Fruits and Legumes Cluster the country celebrates its National Day on Thursday, October 29.

Nine strands of innovation

Innovation / Emanuela Taverna - Michele Sechi Gatta

A mapping analysis of the 175 food startup companies which made appearances at Expo Milano 2015 has made it possible to identify the main trends in agrifood innovation, grouping them in nine main strands. Let’s see what these are.

Liberia, the African dream

Culture / Giorgio Zerbinati

Liberia is one of Africa’s most fascinating countries, founded at the beginning of the 1800s by freed slaves returning from the United States of America. Today, the country is populated partly by their descendants and partly by roughly sixteen different ethnic groups, which together comprise a richly varied cultural weave. Liberia also offers a richly varied weave of natural resources, and landscapes varying from tropical rain forests to savanna and to rich mangrove swamps. In Expo Milano 2015, Liberia will celebrate its National Day on Tuesday October 27.

Where all my dreams have come true #expopeople

Lifestyle / Redazione Expo 2015 - Amedeo Novelli

"Just walking for a few meters and you can meet the entire world, literally. I’m happy that this fantastic exhibition, after so much criticism, has finally been redeemed. For those like me who’ve been working on it for six years it’s an amazing achievement. It’s been a unique opportunity for everyone, visitors and workers alike, and in addition to the fun there have been many moments for reflection. One of the pavilions that best expressed the true meaning of this exhibition was, in my opinion, that of Korea. I was able to try their food and despite the many ingredients you could easily make out each individual flavor. Expo Milano 2015 has been a place for discussion, meeting, sharing, and exchanging points of view, and they do not always have to be unanimous and positive: a discussion is constructive even when you are not of the same opinion”.

Six months of responsibility and joy #expopeople

Lifestyle / Amedeo Novelli - Redazione Expo 2015

"The best and most exciting day of these six months at Expo Milano 2015 I spent with my parents when they came up from Naples to visit me. Despite the rain, the concert by Elisa was scheduled for that evening. I took them to see the Tree of Life show. I was so happy to share with them the place where, for six months I’ve spent most of my days. Everything here has so many memories attached, even the food: the best thing I've eaten were the skewers in the Argentina pavilion that I tried for the first time with my boyfriend and then later with my friends. Here at Expo Milano 2015 I manage the Facebook page. It was quite a responsibility. Needless to say I had never managed a page that had nearly two million likes. Once I finish here I’ll go back to study, but with the knowledge that I may have found what I want to do with my life. I’ve made many new friends during this time, I just hope to see these friendships grow outside of here”.

I’ve gained another valuable experience #expopeople

Lifestyle / Redazione Expo 2015 - Amedeo Novelli

"I’d been away from Italy for a long time due to my studies. I missed my country, my family, everything I loved was so far away. As soon as I could, I came back here and applied to work in the Social Media Team of Expo Milano 2015. I wanted to learn, to get to know people from all over the world, I needed a change.... In these six months I haven’t had much time to visit the exhibition as a tourist, but one pavilion has stayed firmly in my heart: that of Alitalia-Etihad. My parents are both flight attendants and going into that pavilion made me feel at home. Luggage, uniforms, people going and coming. Now this experience is coming to an end and I’ll return home with the knowledge of having gained another valuable experience which will help me secure a future here, in my country. But if I should need to leave again, the bags are packed. If ever I were to get homesick, there’s always a plane waiting to take me home”.

Everything will soon be gone, I need to etch it firmly in my mind #expopeople

Lifestyle / Redazione Expo 2015 - Amedeo Novelli

"What started as a simple job ended up being an unforgettable part of my life. I’ve been a member of the Social Media Team at Expo Milano 2015 since May 1. It’s been a hectic and exciting six months, knowing that it would all be over in the blink of an eye. All this I’ll miss very much. It's strange to think that in just under a week we won’t be walking around here any more and that everything I see and love will be gone. The thing that lifts my spirits and lets me deal with this time in a tranquil way is knowing that I’ve been a small part of an event that involved the entire world. I can only feel proud of what I’ve achieved. As a tourist I haven’t had the chance to see much, but I was really fascinated by the UK pavilion. A huge and impressive beehive among the poppies, it’s magical, especially at night. The Expo was a unique experience, it should be experienced in person because it offers different sensations and emotions for everyone”.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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