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Annalisa Cavaleri

Journalist and wine critic, Annalisa was, for six years, managing editor of the Profilo Salute, the health and medicine magazine, and director of Paginafood for two years. She co-authored with Paolo Marchi on his book XXL, Le 50 ricette che hanno allargato la mia vita, published by Mondadori and writes for Gazzetta Gastronomica and Identità Golose.
Annalisa Cavaleri

The Guardians of cocoa

Economy / Annalisa Cavaleri
img I custodi del cacao

Cocoa is a key raw material: it transforms into confectionery and cosmetics, is both a source of income to its producing Countries and a million dollar a year business on the international market.

The froth of liquid jade

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
img La spuma di liquida giada

The froth of liquid jade is one of the most popular drinks in the world and every day billions of cups are being drunk.

The unspeakable secret of the British

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
img L inconfessabile segreto degli inglesi

They keep it hidden, yet even the traditionalists have one at home or in the office. The English have an unspeakable secret.

Chocolate in 13 Phases

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
cioccolato la regola del tredici

Crucial to the lives of anyone who like a little indulgence are the 13 Phases: without them the humble cocoa bean could never become a chocolate bar.

Chocolate makes you happy

Lifestyle / Annalisa Cavaleri
img Il cioccolato rende felici

When you’re feeling down, one of the first "cravings" is to unwrap a chocolate or bite into a chocolate bar. Why does this happen? A study by the University of Cambridge has finally found an answer.

Even the gods ate chocolate

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
anche gli dei

Glossy green leaves and colorful fruits, containing precious seeds that turn into chocolate. The secrets of the plant that gave rise to one of the most loved "indulgences" in the world.

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