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Annalisa Cavaleri

Journalist and wine critic, Annalisa was, for six years, managing editor of the Profilo Salute, the health and medicine magazine, and director of Paginafood for two years. She co-authored with Paolo Marchi on his book XXL, Le 50 ricette che hanno allargato la mia vita, published by Mondadori and writes for Gazzetta Gastronomica and Identità Golose.
Annalisa Cavaleri

Jurgen, the distiller of forgotten fruits

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri
Distillatore di radici

Berries, roots and forgotten fruits become precious spirits in his hands. One hundred pounds of fruit for one and a half liters of pure alcohol. But it's worth it.

Sheep droppings in tea

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
img Sterco di pecora nel tè

There have been times when tea was too expensive and so leaves were mixed with other, rather insalubrious ingredients. Taxes really can be damaging to your health.

Interview with Regina Tchelly

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri
Regina Tchelly

To have less food waste we need more love, for people and for food. And when we cook we must make full use of the raw ingredients, because it’s a crime to waste them. This is the message given to Expo Milano 2015 by Regina Tchelly, founder of the movement Favela Organica.

The princess who loved tea

Culture / Annalisa Cavaleri
img La principessa che amava il tè

When a leaf accidentally falls into a cup, it leads to the drink that will become one of the most popular in the world. Some of the best things happen by chance.

Chocolate as champagne. The 2.50€ chocolate bar at the supermarket? Forget about it

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri
Eurochocolate Guarducci foto foglia

Chocolate? In a few years it could become a status symbol, an elite food, a luxury that not everyone can afford. The 2.50€ chocolate bar at the supermarket? A thing of the past. The President of Eurochocolate Eugenio Guarducci explains why.

Carlo Cracco. Want to be cool? Respect what you eat

Taste / Annalisa Cavaleri
Carlo Cracco img rif

Elaborate dishes, slow cooking and expensive ingredients? Forget it. The most acclaimed chef of the moment, Carlo Cracco, when he's hungry eats bread and salami or a piadina, and as for his kids (all four of them), he cooks them lasagne. But the bottom line is clear: respect what you eat.

Raw chocolate

Lifestyle / Annalisa Cavaleri
img Il cioccolato crudo

More and more stars, celebrities, personalities from the world of cinema, sport and entertainment declare themselves fans of the raw food vegan diet. Discover raw chocolate here

The biggest chocolate producing company in the world

Economy / Annalisa Cavaleri
img 2 L azienda che produce più cioccolato al mondo

Chocolate is not only a "sin of gluttony", but a multi-million dollar a year business. Here are the rankings of the three confectionery companies that sell the most chocolate and the product that will conquer the market in the coming year.

Neither donut nor croissant, the king of hybrid desserts is the Cronut

Lifestyle / Annalisa Cavaleri
img Il dolce che non puoi comprare più di due pezzi a testa

A sweet pastry that is a mix of croissant and donut, fried, iced with a cream filling. Stars are crazy for it and it is so popular that they can’t buy more than two each.

"Beauty Teas" for a slimmer figure

Lifestyle / Annalisa Cavaleri
img Dimagrire con i tè della bellezza

According to ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia, there are "Beauty Teas" that can dissolve fat, detoxify the body and therefore improve the figure of those who drink them regularly.

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