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Alessandra Guigoni

 Cultural anthropologist, PhD and visiting lecturer at the University of Cagliari; working as a researcher and educator. Her work deals with the anthropology of food, rural development, agro-biodiversity and agri-food heritage. She has authored some sixty scientific publications including the essay, Antropologia del mangiare e del bere (Anthropology of eating and drinking) (2009) and she directs the editorial series Ciborama, often collaborating with local and national newspapers and broadcasters.
Alessandra Guigoni

Middle-Eastern Cuisine: Foods linking Nations, Hummus, Falafel, and More

Culture / Alessandra Guigoni
Falafel e hummus, piatti del dialogo

The food traditions of the area known as the Near and Middle East have many similarities, including the use of particular spices and chick peas, either whole, in a puree, or as flour. This is Mediterranean cooking, and yet, compared to the Western Mediterranean, this tradition has its own feel, with falafel and hummus being among the signature dishes.

Gastronomy as a space for borrowing, mixing, give-and-take

Culture / Alessandra Guigoni

Cuisine is culture and exchange, and migrations, as always, help to mix up culinary culture. Also this year, December 18 marks International Migrants Day, proclaimed by the UN in 2000. One of the aims of the day is to help spread worldwide awareness of the "World Charter for the Rights of Migrants" approved in 2011.

New Year food, stories and food festivals

Culture / Alessandra Guigoni

Every year from December 13 to January 6 in much of the world – and not only by the Christian faith – a series of festivities are celebrated in style: New Year in particular is celebrated practically everywhere, with great events, dinners, fireworks and good luck toasts.

Whoever speaks of food, speaks of women. Women, feeding the planet.

Culture / Alessandra Guigoni
chi dice cibo dice donna

It is women who nurture and grow the offspring of homo sapiens in all cultures, preparing meals at home every day all over the planet. Women were probably responsible for the birth of agriculture. Without them, humanity today would not have come this far.

The Mediterranean diet is a global phenomenon. All thanks to the Arabs and the Americans

Lifestyle / Alessandra Guigoni
La dieta mediterranea, un fenomeno planetario. Grazie agli arabi e agli americani

The Mediterranean diet is now a globally acclaimed food and lifestyle, adopted by billions of people. The concept was developed by the American physiologist Ancel Keys in the 20th century, but behind the label "Mediterranean diet" is a long and surprising history of cultural exchange between East and West and the Old and New Worlds.

Agro-biodiversity, a treasure to save

Culture / Alessandra Guigoni
agrobiodiversita tesoro da salvare

Agro-biodiversity is cultivated biodiversity, biodiversity created therefore by man, through a patient selection over thousands of years. Today agro-biodiversity is in danger, and with it, the tangible and intangible heritage of many peoples.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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