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Alberto Prina

Even though passionate about philosophy and with photography always on his mind, he graduated in physics. Yet, he could not postpone his longing anymore and now he fills his days with images. He founded the photo association Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine and has co­ordinated its annual Festival of Ethical Photography since he created it. He currently works as a reportage photographer and photojournalist, developing projects in the field of photographic communication, mul­timedia and collaborative photography. He also organizes courses and workshops.

Returning home to Uganda: The images from the exhibition "Uganda - Land of Hope"

Culture / Alberto Prina

In Northern Uganda two million people have fled their homes during more than 20 years of civil war. From 2005-2006, however, the displaced people began to return to their villages, with the dream of starting a new life, taking back their homes and land. This event is documented in the beautiful images of the exhibition "Uganda - Land of Hope", which were created together with the seven young winners of Cesvi’s 'Food Right Now' campaign competition.

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