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ICEI is a non-profit organization engaged in the field of international solidarity, cooperative development, and research and training. The scope of its actions is focused particularly on respect for human rights, the protection of cultural diversity and helping to build a sustainable economy based on the principles of reciprocity and solidarity. ICEI works to protect land rights, foster rural development and ensure food security in countries of the southern hemisphere. Through its projects it promotes the conservation of biodiversity, the use of renewable energy and the development of environmentally-friendly production activities.

Haiti. The economy starts from the farmers

Sustainability / Roberto Mottadelli ICEI
ICEI Haiti imm rif

Haiti has not yet recovered from the earthquake of 2010: between reconstruction and endemic poverty, hurricanes and drought, international aid has failed to make a difference, with precious few exceptions, such as those represented by two Italian NGOs.

Senegal and Piedmont: Cooperating Rice-Wise

Sustainability / ICEI Roberto Mottadelli
ICEI Senegal

The valley of the river Senegal, lined with verdant fields and rice-paddies, is key to the country’s food security. The Turin-based NGO called CISV has just launched a project to combat not only poverty in the villages in that area, but also “land grabbing”, which is threatening the local population’s future.

Cuba: Promoting sustainable fishing as well as rural traditions

Culture / Roberto Mottadelli ICEI
ICEI Cuba imm

The primary sector, which includes agriculture and fishing, is vital to the Cuban economy. An Italian NGO has been working there for some time, helping fishermen and farmers to become more productive, while protecting the environment. The same outfit is also involved in protecting and promoting an ancient art, typical of Cuban rural tradition. This is the ‘punto cubano’, which will be performed in Italy from March 14 to 25, in cooperation with David Riondino’s Associazione Giano.

Swaziland: Cereals and Legumes to the Aid of the Community

Sustainability / Roberto Mottadelli ICEI
ICEI swaziland imm

In the rural areas of a country where poverty and AIDS are holding back development, a cooperative project is helping promote agriculture, with a special emphasis on traditional farming methods. Cereal and legume production is creating a community economy, which includes women.

Albania. Herbs and waste management are helping the local economy

Sustainability / Roberto Mottadelli ICEI
ICEI Albania imm

“To enhance and protect the bounty of nature and the Albanian herbal traditions.” This is the insight that allowed an Italian NGO to help one of the poorest regions in the country, Zadrima, and its women, who are the guardians of a centuries-old knowledge.

Palestine. The seeds of development

Sustainability / Roberto Mottadelli ICEI

Organic production, a collaboration between farmers and universities, the revival of traditional crop varieties: in Palestine an Italian NGO challenges the many difficulties to create economic and social development from agriculture.

Mozambique. Agriculture between the curanderas and the charismatic local leaders

Sustainability / ICEI Roberto Mottadelli

On the north coast of the country a cooperative project aims to improve the living conditions of rural populations in accordance with local traditions; starting from the cultivation of cassava, vegetables and medicinal plants.

Sri Lanka: from green revolution to organic agriculture

Sustainability / ICEI Roberto Mottadelli

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are no longer the undisputed masters of Sri Lankan campaigns. Thanks to two Italian NGOs, in fact, the island has begun to assert the idea of organic farming, combining science and traditions and guaranteeing higher earnings for farmers.

Cambodia: poverty and development in the shadow of the temples

Sustainability / ICEI Roberto Mottadelli
icei cambogia

The splendid monuments of Angkor Wat in Cambodia attract increasing numbers of tourists, but the surrounding countries are among the nation’s poorest. Right here an Italian NGO working for ten years is helping to increase agriculture and promote development of the territory.

In the Dominican Republic, ginger is trendy and tourists love it - so says TripAdvisor

Cultura / ICEI Roberto Mottadelli
ICEI turismo allo zenzero (Rep Domenicana)

A new model of tourism is moving from the beaches and mega complexes into the countryside: culture meets agriculture, flavors and local customs, to become a turbo of shared development. It's the Ginger Route: a themed itinerary created by two Italian NGOs.

Over a million people are already #FoodConscious. What about you?

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