1st May 2015
31st October 2015
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Il Diario di Expo

The Expo Milano 2015 Diary

Expo Milano 2015. Find out what’s happening in the Daily Highlights section.

  • 10 informazioni pratiche 500 320

    Expo Milano 2015: A Quick 10-Point Guide

    Here are ten pieces of practical information to help you organize your visit, and enjoy your voyage of discovery at Expo Milano 2015.

  • Come raggiungere il sito espositivo breve

    How to Reach Expo Milano 2015

    Find out how to reach the Exposition Site with public transport, by train and by plane. Organize your trip now.

  • Food and Beverage breve

    Food and beverage

    Come in and discover for yourself an inviting array of bars, cafés, and street food stalls. Expo Milano 2015’s gastronomic offerings: an unforgettable experience.

  • Accoglienza Famiglie

    Families welcome

    From courtesy strollers and nursery areas, to children’s menus, Expo Milano 2015 offers a range of services to make visiting the event as a family more convenient and enjoyable.

The Expo Milano 2015 Ingredients


The Theme

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Expo Milano 2015 offers an opportunity to reflect upon, and discuss, solutions to the contradictions of our world today. Debating the theme is also a time of sharing and celebration, with speaker meetings, events, and shows.



The heart and soul of the Universal Exposition

Find out what’s happening daily in the pavilions of countries and companies, as well as the Civil Society initiatives being showcased in Cascina Triulza, in addition to those of the international organizations participating at Expo Milano 2015. Attractions, events, and the world’s cuisine, all in one place.



The power of working together

An innovative way to participate, these exhibition spaces, called Clusters, unite, within the same architectural space, countries that share the production of a specific food or a specific theme.

Aree tematiche

Thematic Areas

Five variations on the theme

The theme of the event will be explored in Pavilion Zero, the Future Food District, the Children’s Park, and the Biodiversity Park. Meanwhile, the debate goes on in downtown Milan at the Triennale, with Arts and Foods, the exhibition that explores how the relationship between food and art has evolved over time.

Expo e territori 500 320

Expo and regions

25 taste and culture itineraries

Expo and regions is an initiative coordinated by the President of the Council of Ministers. It is a journey to discover the places of production, the culture and landscape, traditions and Italian hospitality.

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

sommario expo gate marzo Expo Gate

A place that is open to all

An interdisciplinary program of events, a platform from which to introduce and narrate Expo Milano 2015 and, not least, a place where you can buy tickets for this year’s Universal Exposition.

Padiglione Italia The Italian Pavilion

Made in Italy

A protected space that helps projects and talents to "take root," providing fertile ground that can promote and support the young energies of the Country.

Progetti Projects

Other initiatives related to Expo Milano 2015

Education, cinema, research, innovation, digital technology, and women’s issues are just some of the areas covered by Expo Milano 2015’s special projects. Because, the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is relevant to the lives of all of us, every day.

Opportunities for Business

Our Shareholders

Official Global Partners

Expo Milano 2015 Supporting Initiatives