Expo Milano 2015 has been the first Digital Universal Exposition. Expo 2015 has reached a large community using digital assets and enlarging the audience interested in its theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life .


Advanced technological solutions have been used to promote and spread Expo Milano 2015’s message, starting with the web platform: the official website, ExpoNet magazine providing more in-depth coverage, the website of the events, Visit and the Expo Worldrecipes community contributions from food enthusiasts worldwide. Meanwhile, the Exposition’s Virtual Tour platform  has provided a preview of what to see at the Expo. More than 90 mil. visits have been accessing Expo 2015 digital assets, 320.000 international recipes have been collected from more than 6000 accredited sources, more than 2000 articles and 600 interviews have been published into the digital magazine ExpoNet


Inside the exposition site, visitors enjoyed a dedicated digital experience. The official app, created for accessing information from mobile devices has registered more than 15 Mil. sessions, 100 interactive Totem have been made available on Cardo and Decumano with more than 10 Mil. user’s interactions and 1,7 Mil. selfies, and more than 50 live events have been broadcasted on the 18 eWall installed in the site.


Enjoy the digital experience on the legacy Expo web site.